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Each work of art is a child of his age and a mirror of our feelings.
Each artistic movement shapes a cultural aspect and an era that is impossible to be repeated, except for evolved only, when it is characterized by the essential internal necessity.
In our age that art function in specific borders, in a nutshell surface and with almost industrially partitions, the mail art’s movement came like fresh breeze.
It is open, expressively informative, modern, with new ideas, and simultaneously intensely personal.
It’s main interest is the internal need of a person to express himself creatively, and communicate with his colleagues. It has the big challenge for the artist to work simultaneously with thousand of artists in the world. I wish that, this open channel for the world artistic communication that has already been embraced, will root in our country and take the forms that proceed with the Greek sensitivity and expression.
(from the cataloque of 1st mailart exhibition in Greece. Elassona - Athens)
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Xanthou 9
40200 Elassona

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