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During Quarantine I discovered and participated different mail art projects, a safe mode to share and exchange.

I am always searching for hidden treasures. By slowing down I collect the subtile details of natural forms and structures. I often make use of a range of techniques including photography and printmaking. Printmaking is incredibly versatile, building up collographs using collaged material is one of my favourite techniques.
I also collect old library cards, which I often use as canvas.

I look forward to create and share it with you!
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Sil Dubois, Pelsveld 18, 3583 Beringen (Paal), Belgium

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  • Mikel Untzilla

    Thanks Sil

  • carl baker

    OK,i will send a zine soon,good to hear from u,

    regards, cb.

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Dear Sil,

    I am very pleased with the results of our cooperation! Thank You for posting on the website.