ADD & PASS - The X Files

In the Mail Art activity, there are interesting ideas that are explored, like Mail Art Calls, Collaborative Books, Visual Poetry etc, and we also have the  ADD & PASS, which are created somewhere in the world by a Mail Artist who send by mail one "object", proposing that it be changed or simply Added an Artistic Intervention by another Mail Artist, appealing that the "object" being referred back to an following artist, chosen randomly or not.The original creator Add its Address on the "object" in hopes that later return him, filled with interventions of Mail Artists from different places and countries, giving him a great satisfaction to see the "object" with a new "life".

This group aims to be the dissemination place to the Add and Pass, and a ARCHIVE of it, however, giving preference to " Booklets",becouse it is here that the individuals have their own space to give wings to is imagination and technique.

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  • Daniel de Culla

    Very very Good  all Add & Pass Art

  • Amy Irwen

    I have an add n pass Bookie that is ready to head on...any takers here....made of mail art envies by Joey Patrickt... respond here please...thanks *!*

  • Borderline Grafix

    Bana, Stevenson, Untzilla