SCRABBLE. A game for anyone. Family- and people- oriented. Timless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown acttivity.

MAIL ART A passtime for anyone. Artist- and people-oriented. Timeless. Peaceful. Social. Lockdown activity.

And now.... Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Artistes and Artistes.... SCRABBLE MAIL ART (using Scrabble and/or similar 'tiles')

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  • Carien van Hest

    Who ar u? Got mail art today out of Italy, with a note in English and ephemera with Dutch words. As a random kind of kindness. Or madness? Thank you!

    The painting on the background is from Róbert Berény (Black Cat, 1920). 

  • Valentine Mark Herman

    Goede morgen!

    Nope, it's not me. I have a Siamese cat that sort of looks like the one here.

    But I don't have a black and white cat.

    This Group is not doing very well at all.

    Have you any suggestions about how it could come to life?

    Goede middag en goede avond ook.

    Beste, Val van Sigean

  • Carien van Hest

    Bonjour Val! Thanks for the response. 

    Maybe try to send a little scrabble note with all of your mail art outings, referring to this group...

    Bonne chance.