so far, here are the folks signed up for this project:


BOOK #1 (Due: August 31)


i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit

1234 sandusky dr.

iowa city, ia 52240



Misty Davis

8697 Infirmary Road
Ravenna, OH 44266



Amy Irwen

3831 Cardinal St W
Rosemount, MN 55068



Svetlana Pesetskaya

Rostov area
city Taganrog
street Frunze 61 apartament 15
Russia 347900


Coralette Damme

875 5th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


Julie McBee

28 Courtice Cres.
Collingwood, ONT
L9Y 4G1



606 Montclaire Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110



Strelnikov (Стрельников)

PO Box 1
Fort Collins, CO
United States


Neil Gordon

712 Nott Street

Wethersfield, CT 06109



Victoria Barvenko

Russia, Rostov Area, Taganrog
Street Petrovskaya 15, apartament 129,
zip 347922



since i do not want to interfere with the asemic book project of which i am also a part, we will set our completion date as august 31, giving the much needed (at least for me) extra time to complete this book. we'll copy the format for the asemic books, so feel free to check out the message threads in there! i like to think of it as a zombie themed spoof of their project! ;-D


BOOK #2 (Due: October 31)


i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit.

Roberto Rios

August Bjarnason

Svetlana Pesetskaya

Victoria Barvenko

Neil Gordon

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thanks for that extra time span...

I'm assuming ANY medium?

as long as you stick to the dimensions, and make sure the pages can bend??

i'm not much of a stickler for rules.

just use common sense.

if you need help with common sense let me know,

i have a good friend in africa who wants to give you his inheritance! ;-D


i'm probably repeating myself somewhat, but here is yet another explanation for anyone who may yet be confused:


if you know about asemics book projects, it's basically like that but instead of asemics has zombies.


if you don't yet know about the asemics book projects, they are collaborative book projects with eight people per group creating each their own "chapter" (two european A4 or US letter size sheets of cardstock, or similar thicker paper, split into halves and using both sides of the paper to create an 8 page chapter) - if that sounds confusing, think of yourself holding two sheets of paper; then fold them in half. you now have a mini booklet! that is your "chapter."


then each person sends a COPY (or one of eight originals if that is their preference) of their chapter to every other member in the group. after everyone has all of the chapters, we bind them per the instructions i will HIJACK from cheryl penn's asemic project! ;-D

i'm just waiting to hear from coralette damme.

otherwise we are go!

i'll send an email out soon and try to handle any questions in a more serious manner than usual! ;-D

Hi Superhero!!! my artbook projert Zombie ))) #1
#2 zombie
Zombie #3
zombie #4
These are fantastic!

Svetlana! you've raised the bar....I am bowing at your feet! with my tail tucked between my legs!



oh my god, are you out to beat "E"s record for the asemic book???


great stuff!




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