Hi, all my dear mailart friends!

thanks for all your participant in my mailart call 121.48°E, when i first know mailart i fell in love with it and started my first mailart call, i don't know if this is the first in China, but i think this may not that important, the start is good, especially i got so much lovely and amazing mailart from all of you, and people here not only me enjoy it! thank you so much!


i set the deadline of the call 121.48°E at 1st June, so i think it ended now, time flashes so quickly, i enjoy the feeling that i can always find some surprises in my mailart box! thank you! but you can alway keep sending me mailarts, i'd love to keep correspondense with all of you!


i arranged all the mailarts today, feeling so warm when i held them in my hand, i think i will have this show at july in Shanghai, i want more preparations for the first one. here 's the photos of all the mailart i got in the project, thanks again!




btw, i will have to move to another apartment at the middle of june, will tell you my new address! but you can still send coz i will check the old mailbox.






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Hi Mao!

Wellcome to mail art party!

Unfortunatelly I didn't catch your mail art call...

I will wait for your new address to send you something...

You are very welcome to participate to THE POST Project in Greece, if you want to...

You still have time

Best regards






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