hello friends

with the project goes on, i will keep in putting the mailarts i get for the project on the mailattack website.

you could look the mailarts here:http://mailattack.net/archives/285 or here:http://mailattack.net/project121-48%C2%B0e-2


thanks for your participantion!!! and look for more mailarts!!!


here's the directions

MailAttack Project 1:121.48°E
Event Type:mail art mailattack Shanghai China
Event Time:from now to june 1st,2011
Location: Shanghai, China
Mail Address: Room102, Building72,lane#151,West Guilin Street, Xuhui District, ShangHai,China. Zipcode: 200233 中国,上海 徐汇区桂林西街151弄72号102室 邮编:200233
Recipient: Amo
Website media support : mailattack.net
Participant Requirement: Anyone
Technique:original pieces in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mailart, artistamps, calligraphy, collage or mixed media etc…
Description: 121.48°E is the first project of MailAttack. 121.48°E resembles the longitude of Shanghai.Is to say this project is taken place at Shanghai,China and we hope that you can fill our mailbox with your mailart! We are looking forward to your participation, and hope you can really enjoy the happiness of creating your mailart.

Any “Unhealthy” works will not be considered into this event. There’s no jury, no expense, and your works will not be returned.

Please send us your scanned mailart works to lazybunnyillus@gmail.com after you deliver your real mailart works. Your works will be featured at www.mailattack.net An on-site mailart exhibition will be organized afterward.
Once you sent your mailart,please sent images to lazybunnyillus@gmail.com in jpg format and your name,address and website if it exist. please sent large images, so we can publish on the website www.mailattack.net, we will hold a show in Shanghai if we can get a plenty of works.


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great to see the work arrived!
MailAttack Progetto 1:121.48 ° E
preparerò alcuni frammenti delle mie carte per il progetto
ciao, Alfonso
Sent in today's mail a sandpaper-islands-with-the-sun card for your MailArt Attack. I hope it arrives ok!
I will also try to send you a photo of it to your email.
"Islands with Sun" 2011

thank you for you participation:)  hope  the show in China can come true!

more details you could look at here:http://mailattack.net

my best!

Thanks a lot!! i really fall in love with mailart, just hope i could have more free time on it.(and i really need to improve my English)

After these days, i received a lot and showed to other Chinese artists, most are the first time to know this but showed a great interests on it, i think this maybe a very beginning of mailart in China.

and thanks for your help

best regards





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