From time to time we have outbreaks of whether a Postcard is Boring, or not.

“Yes it is”. “No it isn''t.”

“All Postcards are Boring.” “All Postcards are interesting”.

And so on, and so forth.




Please post your Interesting Postcards here.

And, if you want to, please tell us why you think they are Interesting.

Hopefully, this might interest the many members of this Group (You?!) who haven't shown much interest so far in Boring Postcards.

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Where do I mail my interesting postcards???

Have many

Send them to me, Mary, and I'll post them (well, a selection of them if there are very 'many') at:

1 rue de la Vieille Fontaine,

11130 SIGEAN,


And thanks in advance

Aha! very interesting :-)


Why is this an Interesting Postcard, Val?”, thinks Richard Canard

It's interesting because

  1. it shows you Sigean where I live, and to where you have been sending all the Boring Postcards

  2. you can just about see the terrace of my house in the bottom vertical photo. My terrace is just to the left of the tree sticking up on the right of the Postcard

  3. and then we come to the photo top right. This is Grand Rue, Sigean. “Why is it Grand?”, thinks Richard Canard. It's Grand for a number of reasons: first, because this Rue has been walked by the following IUOMA people – Katerina, Dean, Mail Art Martha and Janine Weiss. Second, because Louis X111 and Louis XIV stayed in the house with the brown shutters on the right of the photo in 1642 and 1660, respecively. Third, because Molière stayed in the house next to it for a couple of nights in 1642. Fourth, because just after the grey shutter (after the 4th brown one) is a very small street, rue de la Vieille Fontaine, where I live. And last, because on the other side of the street, hidden away in the shadows, is 13 Grand Rue where I have my studio.

Are you going to burble on about the other two photos, Val?”, wonders Richard Canard;

No. I will spare you that...;for now. But wasn't all that interesting, Richard3

No comment.”

(A copy of the complete transcript of this dialogue is available for €19.99)

31.07.20 Dare Mister Val M.H., ....absolutely fascinating. I inspected the "Sigean"  postcard photo thoroughly with my glass magnifier & was surprised to see your profile protruding inward along  the extreme right edge of the postcard. I'll have to search thru the boxes here again for a photo card from my  Nawf Karolinah hometown & elaborate with tales about my trips to the local "5 & dime"  & bakery during my early youth (Nothing really happens here in Carbondale). More  later. Richard Canard.... Post Scriptum: &  an  earnest thank you for sharing personal info relative to Sigean.

Hello Gang!

Mim sent me ten Postcards, and wrote "Not so boring, boring, just not that interesting -- you be the judge."

We had a meeting at lunchtime to discuss this , 'We' being Mr Boots, Do Ghi, yours truly, and -- but, alas, he couldn't make the meeting at short notice -- Richard Canard, and decided that NO, Val will not decide whether a Postcard is Boring or Interesting, but YOU must decide (and tell Val).

The default setting for all Postcards received is Boring, unless YOU tell me otherwise.

Over to YOU

Why is this shepherdperson playing a flute while leading the cows? What tune is the shepherd person playing? Do the cows moo in tune?

Here is 'and another postcard' from Richard Canard. He dosesn't say if it's Interesting or Boring, and so the Executive Postcard Classification Committee (yours truly, and his assistants Mr. Boots and Do Ghi) decided that it was Interesting.

Very interesting indeed from Richard! And I am happy to see that there is an Executive Postcard Classification Committee, as I'm sending to Sigean a few postcards today, but am in a dilemma as to : Are the boring or interesting? Mr. Boots will surely know.

Thanks Katerina.

Tomorrow is a Double Celebration Day:

i) we have had Mr Boots for exactly 5 years. In that time he has put up with a lot of Mail Art going on all around him

ii) I will have been a member of IUOMA for exactly 11 years. Y'all have put up with a lot of my Mail Art coming and going all around you.

moi aussi!

me at IUOMA.ning on July 14, on August 14,2009!

(that's alotta mail art coming and going :-)

one of my first posted pics back then:

We shall celebrate with ice cream! 

Celebrating 5 years with Mr Boots? meow :-)



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