.Formerly arac'n'kram who "were looking after this site while Vizma has gone walkabout. We look forward to when Viz re-emerges in NY & meets arac. Until then let's keep the show on the road, folksl"

She's back. And so is the Viz'n'Val roadshow.

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Only 8 months, Vizma? But I've found a job for you at the local Cave Cooperative -- 'Drink as much as you like' -- but it lasts for a whole year. I did warn them that you probably drank a lot, but they considered this as a challenge. (I'm not sure as to exactly what it is a challenge though).

This ain't a champers region. The local grapes are merlot, syrah, cabercrabhernay, etc: all red, and most of them good. Yiou can still drink as much as you like.

I was going shopping this morning, but Oranje wouldn't start, so please will you go shopping for me? I need : vieux gouda cheese, some apples, some croquettes for the cat (but not chicken flavour), lots of drak chocolate bars, and some soap powder (cos I had better have some clean clothese when you come visiting).

I wish I had a surnburnt face. Frostbite on my facial extremeties is more likely if I go out, but I'm not going out until the garage calls and says Oranje is OK.

Do the P plates refer to the excitement and the little bit of something that comes out that you mention in your profile info?.

Doric columns call.

THANKS Vizma for the latest envelope. Fancy all you Oz ladies crocheting the Adelaide Reef. It's on a par with me making a full scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks. I only have 4 at the moment -- matchsticks, that is, not Towers. Remember that we were talking about pastys in my latest photo (full lenth version thereof)? Well, you only sent me one crocheted pasty, and Patsy's friend is getting a bit cold, so she would like one, too. Merci.

I see that the description of Waitpinga you sent includes 'good swell all year round', 'only for experienced surfers', and 'beware: rocks and treacherous trips' -- and wonder if it applies to the Beach or you?

I will add O'Briens' window thingies to Oranje's first aid kit. Oranje has been in the garage and now has new spark plugs, so she goes OK. She has a top speed of 110 kph (downhill and with the wind behind her) and a 0-100 speed of about 3 weeks;. I be your targa can do that in 2nd gear...and in about 3 seconds;

I posted a Big Fat Envelope to you today. Hope you like it.

You've gone quite again, so please come back.

Thank you.

big Fat Val

Yes yes I'm back! Been in Adelaide for a few days erranding.

So glad you got me a job in Sigean, do I need to bring references or just a big empty glass?

I can't even remember what I threw into your envelope apart from the hyperbolic maths. You'll have to wear it on Valentine's Day on your beret, or crab, or whatever you decide to inflict upon your head for the occasion...

The targa is in Adelaide, I wanted to give her an overall health check before bringing her home. She's been garaged for 2 years so needs to poke her tongue at a doctor and have her temperature checked etc.

I got your #3 envelope yesterday, thankyou for all the English news and yes you can read the Viz comic first!!!

The sun calls...


Envelope no 4 is in the post -- it's a Big Fat Envelope, as I said, from Small Slim Val. I didn't read the comic after all: one of the first stories put me off -- for life -- so I read the newspaper instead.

In your Envelope no 3 was, inter alia, a red crocheted reef thingy. Patsy needs another one, stp.

What's your Targa called?

Oranje has gott new spark plugs and is working again.

It's 06.20, minus 7 outside and there's a gale blowing. this will be yet another stay in with the cats day.

No, you don't need freferences -- nor a glass, I have enough of those: instead, bring your wellies and a didgeridoo (?) or didgeridon't.

I've told Dame Edna & Barry Humpries that you'll give them a lift from Adelaide to Vic's Harbour at the weekend, and hope that this is OK.

Au revoir! Val 

 Helbow Val,

 I'm afraid that I can't take both Dame and Barry at the same time as I haven't made the car seats in the back functional, nor do I know how. Will it be ok to transport them one at a time? When did you speak to them? They, well one of them was on my list of top 10 people to entertain at a dinner party. But since meeting you, Val, they've been bumped out of 10th place.

 Actually, I only have one spare bed, as we have a hangover prevention weekend planned. It'll be all you can drink, but the food will be highly nutritious and designed to make us feel like rock stars in the morning. Probably like the Stones, I daresay, but my friends instigated it, so I'll go along with what they have planned.

 So, let Barry and Edna know that they will have to share the spare bed.

Ooroo. Viz a viz.

You can't always get what you want.

I speak to them every morning when we all get out of bed to go and feed the cats and water the rhinos. Barry likes cornflakes for breakky, the Dame a glass of something chilled and sparkling.

Thanks for the invitation to the weekend do. Before I accept it would be nice to know who I get to share a bed with, just in case I'm too smashed to drive home.

Now I might be getting jealous again (remember Vic Harbour?): are Dean and The Bear  in the Top 10?

Are you catering for this dinner party, or do we all have to go walkabout and catch our own witchchery grubs?

"This is a wottle/It's the symbol of our land/You can stick it in a bottle/Or hold it in your hand "


I only have a Procrustean bed for guests, hope that's ok.

Please cut the crust off for me. I like my egg mayonaise and cucumber sandwiches on brown bread without crusts. My mum says that I'm not allowed to eat sandwiches in bed because I get crumbs on the sheets. Val

I'll cut off the crusts and your legs if they don't fit. I think we'll be having our chats over at ASI HQ from now on, there's so much there!

Bloody hell, guests arriving. Wish me luck with the nnew hangover prevention experiment!


No ....we have to stay here, cos not all ASI folks are Vizz'n'Val followers AND ASI is supposed to have some artstic merit and not just a never-ending in-joke.

Guests?! And I wasn't invited (again)!

Go on, tell me what the new 'hangover prevention experiment is, because I'm sure that it's not abstinence as that makes the heart grow fonder.

Au revoir

Abstinence, PAH! No no no, there'll be no abstinence here at this group, what do you think this is, rehab?? No, we are not quitters.

 Oh, nor are we a group..discussion group then.

 Anyway, I feel great today, the experiment worked. Send 63 instalments of only $2.99 and I'll let you in on the secret!! Register today and receive a bonus gift.. I'll throw in a dozen steak knives! And one extra to keep in your back!

Whadya mean you weren't invited, I made up the spare bed for you...I even put in some crumbs as a surprise to make you feel at home.

You need to get a diary.


Oh no, the last thing I need is a dairy. I'd have to get up to milk the cows, and then I'd have to take the calves to school and so on and so fifth.

Of course you're a discussion group. Some  members -- those in Oz and grece -- seem to have nothing better to do than discuss my head wear, head ware or even, as you are now wuggesting, hard ware. And tear.

I'm glad you're not abstaining. On thinking about it, I've never met a teetotal Oz, but I suspect that one might exist somewhere....in Tasmania perhaps?.

I've sent you a few Arty Slides, and now you're going to get some from A&S: lucky you.

We've been invited to a Porsche (I used to have one) car rally/racing day outing:  they surely won't let Oranje on the race track, but Targa has a chance, so start driving now, per favor.

My mum says i'mnot almlowed to sleep over at your place if you're going to sabotage my bed with crumbs. Have you a shed or something out the back/in the outback?

That's all for now, Possum.




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