The World Day of the False Artist Stamp committee (JMFTA) had the honor to announce that Denens, wine village and capital of scarecrows near Lausanne in Switzerland, has been chosen to receive this event.

So I announce officially that November 17, 2016 will be the day of the 7th World Day of the False Artist Stamp ...

Anyone around the world (artist or not), are invited to send to :
Château de Denens 1135 Denens (Switzerland) one or more envelopes with a unique constraint: a false stamp in place of the official postage.

That day, you can enjoy to write your various friends and acquaintances ...
Thereafter, your letters will be exhibited at the Caveau of the Castle in Denens.

Boost your creativity. Any technique is permitted (collage, wool, drawings, watercolor, gouache, photos, etc).

Your letters must be mailed only on November 17.
Bring up the envelope marked "7th World Day of the False Artist Stamp" all or simply "
(7éme JMFTA)".

On November 17 will be a day like no other! You will make fun and you get a smile from the person that receives your letter ...

WARNING: do not paste true stamp on the envelope because shall have any artistic value and could be denied by the commitee!!!

There will be a prize (wine bottles) for the three works selected by a prestigious jury.

Merci to Pierre and Anne de Buren to have agreed to receive this 7th edition of the JMFTA.

Very Important: scan or photograph your envelope before mailing, and sending the photo by email to:
All creations will be published in preview in Postenomade (my blog dedicated to the Mail Art),

Tony Mazzocchin (the organizer JMFTA ©)
1, rue Rose Sage
38500 Voiron (France)

Castle of Denens website
City of Denens website :
Society of the scarecrows website :

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