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Time: October 3, 2009 at 5pm to October 18, 2009 at 10pm
Location: GARAGE N.3 Gallery
Street: via Cavallotti 83B
City/Town: Venezia Mestre - Italy
Website or Map: http://www.artecontradd.it/sp…
Phone: 3470403128 mobile
Event Type: exhibition
Latest Activity: Oct 5, 2009

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Associazione dei Musei d’Arte
Contemporanea Italiani

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Rappresentanza a Milano della Commissione Europea
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3 ottobre 2009
October 3rd, 2009

Mostra - Exhibition
inaugurazione dalle 17
opening from 5 p.m.

dal 3 al 18 ottobre 2009
from October 3rd to 18th, 2009


artisti presenti:
ITALIA Tiziana Baracchi - Mariano Bellarosa - Lamberto Caravita - Bruno Cassaglia - Pino Conestabile - Carmela Corsitto - Francesco Cucci - Maurizio Follin - Claudio Grandinetti - Claudio Guasti - Eligio Leschiutta - Giosuè Marongiu - Vincenzo Montella - Walter Pennacchi - Paola Rivabene - Claudio Romeo - Renato Sclaunich - Salvatore Starace - Giovanni Strada - Maurizio Trentin - Tito Truglia
AUSTRIA Helmut King
COLOMBIA Tulio Restrepo
FRANCIA Yolaine Carlier - Rèmy Pénard
GERMANIA Horst Baur - Karl F. Hacker - Henning Mittendorf
INDONESIA Setyo Mardiyantoro
SPAGNA Cesar Reglero
USA Reid Wood

GARAGE N.3 Gallery
via Cavallotti 83B

The Venezia Biennale remains focused on Nations... more and more Nations. We need to move away from the traditional idea of a nation, towards one in which nations are joined more closely by a collective sense of unity and survival. The physical limitations of The Gardens render it impossible to create new national show-spaces, and that limitation and exclusiveness proves the fragility of the concept of individual nations.
Additionally, the ideas of transversality and cross-exposure do not find acceptance in the symbol of national show-spaces. To address this reality, Biennale should propose a new "Pavilion of the World", where it would be possible for artists to exhibit the language of their work, unlimited by their nationality. Utopia? The interests of a group and an ancient way of thinking prevent from a real renewal as well as change. Ambasciata di Venezia, ARTBAHNKREUZ, is the place where you can find artists from all over the world.
Giancarlo Da Lio

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Comment by TIZIANA BARACCHI on October 5, 2009 at 12:16pm
I hope that somebody does not cancel my upload again!
I want to show some pics of vernissage of ARTBAHNKREUZ, on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009.

Comment by TIZIANA BARACCHI on October 5, 2009 at 12:22am
A Project of Dr Tiziana Baracchi and of Giancarlo Da Lio

Part 2:
With the project Artbahnkreuz and its individual works the worldwide joint effort of the people is supported to come to a limit exceeding comprehensive life-serving peace order, namely in a pragmatic and democratic way. At stake is the viable globalisation of the humane freed of every ideology, especially also independent of every one-sided economic calculation.

Since years Dr. Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio dedicatedly moderate by their work the adventure of the "eternal common conversation of the creative artistic mind, yes of the creative humane mind" and to be more precise its risk of an unsafe, hopefully peaceful way out. They transfer it to like-minded people, share it with them and thus make it live-serving for the community of the participants and beyond that. They have developed their work into a unique artistic communicative process, into an event which worldwide leaves traces. One has to thank all participants in their project work. But a special gratitude is due to them as its inventors, organizers and mediators.

I confess: I am proud that I was allowed to participate repeatedly in projects of Dr. Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio. My participations have challenged me. They have helped me by interconnected perspectives’ change to get beyond dragged-in ways of thinking and of conduct, to test artistic and other alternatives, yes to analyse, question, my lifestyle and that one of the others. And I have found on this way like-minded people, yes friends. My participations have enriched me.

The dedicated work of Dr. Tiziana Baracchi and of Giancarlo Da Lio may it still find many interested participants and observers furthermore. Their impulses may they arouse recognition, esteem, but also contradiction. They may cause or continue dialogs and in the best case contribute to new extended understanding. Sparks may skip from them furthermore, too. These may cause the people to interfere into the construction of the current reality picture, into the common creation of our reality as a really human world order in variety.

Henning Mittendorf 02.10.20097/Reproduction of this text - complete or in parts - is allowed provided that the text is not changed, source is mentioned and a copy of the writing, publication etc. where the text or extraction of it is included in is sent to: HeMi/PF 500365/D-60393 Frankfurt/Main/Germany
Comment by TIZIANA BARACCHI on October 5, 2009 at 12:20am
A Project of Dr Tiziana Baracchi and of Giancarlo Da Lio

Part 1:
For many years Dr. Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio render outstanding services to art and culture by their various artistic projects around the art and the culture, and to be more precise in Italy as well as international, in the end in respect to our society world, the worldwide humane action community of culture and nature.
By their different projects they open a worldwide forum for the respectively current global life-serving artistic social communication. They are guided by the consideration that today the conventional at museum and at gallery oriented one-sided information production does not suffice any more. This is no longer enough to grasp the variety of artistic life, yes of the life reality, to investigate, to mediate and to influence it. Both are rather convinced that to reach this a common interactive exertion of as many creative people as possible is necessary comprehending a pragmatic variety of artistic contributions. They organize many performance rooms for the presentation of their projects, particularly exhibitions, and they for that purpose also provide primarily the platform of their ITINERARI 80 Center GARAGE N.3 Gallery.

The project Artbahnkreuz of Dr. Tiziana Baracchi and of Giancarlo Da Lio assembles in its frame also the projects Movimento and Ambasciata di Venezia as well as the single works belonging to them. If one lets oneself in for them, then they usually help to have unusual experiences as well as surprising insights giving impulses as well as new turns to the artistic process of communication.
Artbahnkreuz is a made-up word formed from the English word art and the German word Autobahnkreuz, motorway junction. Three meaning spheres are joined together: The sphere of the art, that one of the motorway, i.e. of the fast individual traffic, and that one of the cross. In the end the complete project and every individual work it contains play artistically with the sense as well as with the meaninglessness of reality and life. Their essential aspects and their creative interplay are discussed, and to be more precise liberty and order. Also it is all about the improper use of these aspects, i.e. about chaos or numbness.
The strength as well as the wealth of the artistic works of the project participants from all parts of the world are expressed genuinely so that in an interactive way various reality aspects are caused within the observer. At that the aesthetically sanctioned is expanded also in the direction of the usualness as well as of con-humanity primarily. Both gain by this "intervention in the structure" of the artistic expression a right of their own and intrinsic value. This always makes them attractive always anew. The interconnected perspective change that every single project and the complete project make possible for the observer challenges him to a general integral orientation: It turns out that all civilization areas and nature are connected to each other interactively and that man is responsible for the survival of his world order. The chance is primarily also granted to all ones involved, observers and participants, to learn in the own and in the strange life things in common as well as differences fitting together. Thus they correspondingly can design in an enriching way living together, con-humanity and participation in the whole.

Henning Mittendorf 02.10.20097/Reproduction of this text - complete or in parts - is allowed provided that the text is not changed, source is mentioned and a copy of the writing, publication etc. where the text or extraction of it is included in is sent to: HeMi/PF 500365/D-60393 Frankfurt/Main/Germany

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