The Beauty of Autumn and Residual All Saints' Day Delights

This wonderful card came from Debbie Dosanko in Japan.  Debbie notes, "This is an illustration and quote from my translation of an Ainu folktale published in the TOMO Anthology this spring."  Owls have somehow been prevalent this fall.  A barn owl swooped about an inch from my brother's head at our farm a couple weeks ago.  And a snowy owl was documented in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle--he drew quite a crowd of onlookers (who stayed respectfully across the street to gape).  The white with brown speckles-owl had just preyed upon a seagull (!) and proceeded to rip into it and devour it in the middle of the street.  Circle of life and all... Everyone deserves a Thanksgiving dinner. Well, except the seagull in this case.

The Headless Horseman does a bellydance... sent by Guido Vermeulen of Belgium.  Guido actually fittingly titled this piece Culture Shock.  If that's what Tantric Eastern exercise is like, I think that the two Victorian ladies on the left are going to stick with their introductory yoga class for a while...

Hey!  that envelope looks familiar!  Hooray for Amy Irwen for going green and repurposing envelopes!!  It goes great with the fun stickers she included.  And the hand-stitched card--well,, WOoWZA!...

Another delicately hand-crafted envelope arrived  recently in my mailbox with a real gold-leafed autumn leaf on the front!!!...

Amazing that it stayed intact trough the postal system.  The card inside is actual wire attached to paper.  Hmmmm... wire hangers... Must be time to go through the closet and pull out the sweaters.  Or maybe curl up and watch that classic movie Mommy Dearest...

This envelope, as beautiful as it was, was almost a mystery until I noticed the little button on the back of the envelope:

Thanks, Vaida!

What would Halloween be without a little mystery??...  This unsigned card arrived, and I had to do some sleuthing to figure out its author.  The photographic collage element made me think of someone adept at this medium.  Other context clues give hints.  But I will allow the author some anonymity--a little mystery is good:

And finally--for this blog theme--I document the scariest Halloween(-ish) mail art of all... from Melissa the Starry-Eyed Stamper:

That's a picture of Pooh Bear loosing his mind in a card titled "Deja Pooh," in which Pooh Bear contemplates, "I think I've thinked this think before..."

Thanks to everyone for all these Autumn-themed correspondence! I love to be thunk of--even if you've thunk of me previously. One can never thank those thinkers enough for thinking of thinking about me, even several times over.

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