On the Last-day-of-the-old-year-good-mail-art-day! No.1 from Herr Erni!

'Tis amazing how quickly we can communicate via "snail mail" between Germany and Greece. It shows how "very well organized" they are, and that they are "doing a very good job" at what they do (both postal services...plus the 5-10 daily flights direct to Thessaloniki helps, I am sure!) Well, on this the last day of the old year, it is so appropriate to receive this happy haptic package fro Herr Erni! Needs much study and reflections, and wondrous images appear and then too, many questions arise. The aroma of tea in a green packet... the envelope with images floating on both sides....the two (2!) collage masterpieces that one discovers inside...my, my, my...if only the internet could communicate touch and smell.

"Assam Broken" aus kontrollieri biologischem Anbau...(organically grown tea? perhaps)

With instructions:"There is some real black tea in the green haptic package left for Kate"

'Just had to make sure that the postal clerk knew it was JUST tea ;-)

See up there the reference to the Oidipus and antigone complex...very Greek indeed!

First collage: "Bang, bang" Hugs and Kisses...fun. But how did you get that CD to stick on? UHU or silicone?

Second collage"FREE YOUR VOICE" and elegant hindu god/goddess? I wish to know more!

This collage has many haptic tactil surfaces that a scanned image cannot do justice...

soft felt, smooth colors and even sparkle! A haptic joy! Thank you muchy, Erni!


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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on December 31, 2010 at 5:42pm

Herr Erni, you have me opening this once again...my 1965 edition that has traveled with me  on many an adventure and move from Chicago to Istanbul to Thessaloniki...on the book shelf, always within reach, right?



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