Monday Mail Art in Green mail box from The Haptic Werewolf!

Nice to see the mail box "overflowing" on a Monday morning!

Actually, Herr Haptic Erni's envelope was "stuffed" on top :-(

Luckily the contents were safe. My mail box likes small mail art (half A4) .

And as I will start to be away at the seaside for the summer months

we keep the mail art small, small enough to stay in the green mail box for a few weeks or 3 months!  :-)

Well, Erni's package is full of coffee! Now, i don't drink coffee, but this is eco-bio stuff,

so maybe it really isn't coffee at all, but something that taste like coffee? In any case,

it will be saved for my son to drink it...he likes coffee! "DRINK ART"!

I like the orange color and the markings...what is Freifeld, that's what these three packets are,

not Grunfeld and not Zimtfeld...but FREIfeld! Yay!

Fun coffee will wait for son to try it...if not tasty..."down the sink" :-)

The envelope is great, Erni xxx 'Love the details...DANKE! "Archaeological Discovery"!

Here is Erni Art at its most fun with TenTen and "art doggy" (did ya see that Snooky?):

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on May 28, 2012 at 6:20pm

I thought it might be made from malt or chicory, or some non-caffeine substitute. 

I might just try it :-)  DRINK  ART!



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