March 14, 2011 old post for ejva's chapter U. But images too dark, too small...New Discussion made

For those at Collaborative Books' Project 26 group who are in need of ejva's chapter U,

please go to the "discussions" for a page-by-page copy of the chapter.

This was the old post last March, and the images are a bit too small and dark.

However I copied here at blogs so you may have an idea of the sequence. 

Also the "U" of page 5 was a cut-out.



March 14, and a very nice envelope arrived from China! Thank you, ejva!

"U" is a great chapter, searching for "U"!

We open to see women workers and plates and containers lined up.

" be in any form, what is that?" questions ejva.

Crowded housing and billions of people...searching for "U"?

The right page is a beautiful cut-out of "U" and continues our search to the following pages:

Words fill the page: "neighbors,... refreshing,...thirsts, hides..."

and our "U" questions: "have we found it yet?"

"U" equals "unity"! thank you ejva!

A beautiful chapter to our Project 26!

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Comment by cheryl penn on April 26, 2011 at 9:50am

Thank you Katerina - very much :-)

I have posted photo spreads also for those who need to make copies. I am hoping to wrap up this project by Friday.  This will be a month after the closing date - I am DONE!!!



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