Gotij - a new Fluxus word from Ruud Janssen (IUOMA BOSS) PLUS the world wide ZALOP expansion

As most IUOMA members know, Ruud Janssen has had an ongoing Score of Fluxus Words since September 1988 – that’s 23 years  ago!!! In celebration of September 1988 – a new word arrived for me to promote as a new word, determine its meaning and then to disseminate  WORLD WIDE! I need your help here – JOIN THE NEW GROUP!!! Its GOTIJ – MAN – and we’ve ALL GOTIJ – thanks to Ruud. 



YES!!! I have received FAB Mail Art!

GOTIJ to be said in an excited tone with the intention to respond to said mail art.

GOTIJ relieves the speaker/writer from the lengthy phrase “I have received mail art from…” Replace with GOTIJ


The new word came with a wonderful letter - I am not sure if its a word or not :-) - now that I have determined the meaning I MAY have a look see.  

Again - anyone want a GOTIJ envelope??? Post me one and I am certain to send you one back. 

I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in this discussion - These two ZALOPS are deciding wether or not they concur with the following meanings of ZALOPU and ZALOPA


A particular tone of ZALOP

 The voice tenor used when one is told a tall story and says ZALOP in the tone of NO WAYS!!! IE                         ZALOP ZALOP – and/or a double negative.

Example: “My boss gave me a 500% raise”

Response – ZALOPU!!!

Original Word ZALOP by Ruud Janssen (Netherlands).  Meaning determined by Cheryl Penn (South Africa) as part of FLUXUS WORDS SCORE.  Received September 2011





The Action of Shaking ones head when giving the answer ZALOP.

In extreme circumstances arms may also be waved to emphasize meaning.

Original Word ZALOP by Ruud Janssen (Netherlands).  Meaning determined by Cheryl Penn (South Africa) as part of FLUXUS WORDS SCORE.  Received October 2011

Ruud, many thanks for the opportunity to engage in your Fluxus Word Score. And congratulations on the length of many of your on-going projects :-) X

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Comment by Marie Wintzer on October 11, 2011 at 12:37am
Good one Katerina :-)))))
Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on October 10, 2011 at 9:52pm
Gotij cheese



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