Brain Cell 979

pages from FLASHBACK by Carina Granlund

C. Mehrl Bennett

poems by C. Mehrl & J. M. Bennett


TrashPo Bookie by Katerina Nikoltsou

Katerina Nikoltsou

Katerina Nikoltsou & John M. Bennett TLP

book of Kelli Hoppmann's paintings - LOVE AND POLITICS

vispo collage by Matthew Stolte 

bookmarks by Paul Baker

Terry Owenby

U-Frame-It - on Madison's East side

April-May I was very busy organizing & creating for a show of my work at U-Frame-It, here in Madison (East side) - organized by painter Kelli Hoppmann with help from Sarah Ann. Collaborations with Andrew Topel are included. The show is currently up through mid-July, possibly into August. I created approx. 100 TrashPo cards for the show - unsold cards will be sent out to IUOMA friends. Also showing older $s & Cents canvasses & newer Mashed Glyphs works. 

Kelli Hoppmann has a show of her own at Abel Contemporary Gallery in Paoli, a 30 minute drive from Madison. I picked up the paperback of her new book Love and Politics, the 1st book printed by Abel Contemporary Publishing. 

I haven't had anytime to indulge in IUOMA work, so both outgoing & incoming works were sparse. (I did just receive mailings from Amy Irwen & C.Z. Lovecraft respectively; will blog next time.) In one final Madisonian connection, I received 5 bookmarks from Paul Baker, who I believe made them from his own black & white photos. 

Terry Owenby's mailing was the 1st of this batch I received. Both the front & back of the envelope are painted & contained 2 add & passes, which I'll work on today in hopes of sending out mailings in a week or so. David Stanley Aponte sent a sub #1865 postcard. Ryosuke Cohen generously sent another Brain Cell - 979. Likewise generously, Katerina Nikoltsou sent 2 mailings durning this time. One included a TrashPo bookie full of ephemera. Another included another TLP from Luna Bisonte Prods, 2017. A lot of orange in these works.

C. Mehrl Bennett reportedly sent a canvas collaboration for my show that was evidently lost in the mail. I have plenty of leftovers to send her to work with (currently in a pile on the floor). A mailing of cinquains, poetry & artist cards did arrive. 

Finally, from Finland, Carina Granlund sent an artist's book, FLASHBACK. 10 pages on painted German text. It is full of collage, comics & straight forward text. Here is a sample of the text: 

"Angela was right. This is suicide. The jump from Golden Gate Bridge. The swim to the moon. I have to save Angela. I have to save myself. OH MY LORD! The Hotel - IT'S COMING DOWN! Just like in my trance! The magic is with us. The tide is high, the moon right. How could he have won this battle? She takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes. From the street her room must have looked like a lighthouse, a beacon. Most abuse begins slowly. And then I fell asleep. When I work up, Eva was sitting in the chair looking out the window. Birds will nest in the stovepipe, mice in the bureau drawers... Make a wish. But her suitcase is still in the hall."

The final page & back cover are empty of additions. 

I took a painting break after helping hang my show on June 3rd, though I've been organizing & cleaning up my apartment studio space every day since. This week I got back into creating & made a few vispo collages. Will get back into IUOMA stuff today, as promised. 

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