FAB Collabs by Alyssum & Mudhead (Payson, Arizona, USA)

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 1

Mail-art by IUOMA member Chris "Mudhead" Reynolds & Alyssum Moinet (Payson, Arizona, USA)

February 22, 2015 - Chris “Mudhead” Reynolds is widely known throughout the Eternal Network. I am thrilled to share with you now some absolutely spectacular new work by Mudhead done in collaboration with Alyssum (Moinet). I know little about her, but surely many others will agree with me that the two of them are an incredible team. Alyssum’s talent shines equally with Mudhead, and that is a feat unto itself.

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 2

Trademark Mudhead styles, themes and preoccupations are present in these works. Yet Alyssum is a powerful presence who enhances, deepens and transforms. I greatly admire these marvelous creations.

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 3

The “Seers” theme is still being explored in the Mudhead vortex. The eye in the pyramid motif in this piece is very interesting. While Mudhead and Alyssum are both smashing visual artists, they work in the textual realm as well, which – of course – I also greatly appreciate:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 4

And the reverse:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 5

I like this piece in particular:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.205 - 6

Mudhead (I will attribute this part to him) has a FAB street art style that often has an asemic slant. Here is another:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 7

And on the reverse side:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 8

Abundant and constant collaboration – the willingness to collaborate – help give mail art vitality. Some collaborative teams have better chemistry than others. Sometimes I find myself wishing certain pairings or groupings of artists would work together longer than they do because the results are so exceptional. Alyssum and Mudhead are just such a case. I find the energy and creativity in these pieces make something greater than the mere sum of the parts. and so I hope for more.

The envelope is spectacular as well:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 9

The other side:

Mudhead-Alyssum - 2.22.2015 - 10

Alyssum Moinet does have a blog where she has posted these pieces along with other interesting material:


She is definitely someone to keep on the radar. Many thanks to Alyssum and Mudhead!

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