Do not open! Philosophy,psychology,science and more! Oh yes, mail art too.

This is a spontaneous reaction to Val Herman's scripted film - entitled 'do not open' which can be accessed via Jinny Pearce's page.

Where to begin.

Well, possibly revealing my generally off-centre focus,let me first note that the dog in the film is magnificent. And I am not really a dog person. Also, the Martin Luther...road sign (?) in the garden is intriguing...

My first almost instantaneous associations with the film were of Piaget (child developmental psychologist) and Beckett (author of Waiting for Godot)....clearly signposting the intriguing reactions of the child and also the absurdist aspects of the piece ( and revealing my nerdish academic tendencies,by the way...)

I am still grinning from watching it.

It is exceptionally well conceptualised, and actualised. It's very very well done - from every perspective. Most notably it's succinctness, and the ability to deal with multiple incredibly complex ideas in a neat and engaging way.

Bravo. Highly recommended!

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Comment by Valentine Mark Herman on March 29, 2014 at 7:15pm

Thanks -- what a nice 'review'.

All the credit must go to Jinny; I gave her an outline script, and she worked it up into the video. And directed and produced it. And filmed it. And got her family, and Elesa, to participate in it.

Rider is a natural star, and his costume changes are great.

Elesa's 2 cameo appearances add magic to the whole thing.

Sadly, Jinny seems to have dropped out of IUOMA in the last year or sow. Perhaps she collected her Oscar for this, and then Hollywood came a-calling?

Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on March 29, 2014 at 6:19pm

It is posted on the list of IUOMA videos:

Do Not Open

and it is sooooo good by Jinny Pierce and theatrical company :-)

Bravo Valentine! Bravo Jinny! 



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