Here it is folks (applause):

the last of Dean's "366", get-on-the-bus!...she is a sweetie, yes?

This is a  very special card, and I am honored to receive #366/366! 

Dean asks "Now what?" Mim and I know: Go for #1000...or #1001!!!

Fun details: Mouse of Middle Ages (must go to Mouse Groep)

And the postage stamps are works of art,too!

NOT a dragon...but a sea horse! That must be Dean working hard, in the sea... :

Now, how about the "flip" side...which is really the front side, I presume:

Full of "art" and tiny , tiny pics. Need time to search and look at all the interesting bits and pieces!

Also 'like the "portrait " a watercolor image in the middle:

Many wonderful things here...

and a wonderful accomplishment, Dean! BRAVO!!!

And thank you muchly, xxx

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Comment by Carina on October 9, 2012 at 9:11am

Congratulations Dean! Wonderful patchwork and only you can find a rat-eating metal bucket!

Comment by vizma bruns on October 9, 2012 at 2:38am

For a second I thought those images were Dean's 366 pieces! Congrats Dean!

That sea creature is a Leafy Sea Dragon methinks, I can't read the Latin. Sometimes it's called a Weedy Sea Dragon and it's our South Aussie Marine emblem. Do I get a gold star Mrs. Nikoltsou?? ;-P



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