Bonjour boys and girls and cats too, of course!
Our Leader, Momma Kat (sounds like the Mamas and Papas?) asked me to come up with an idea for a new Group mailing.
Here it is.
It is called 'CATplus'.*
It works like this. You have to compose a Mail Art piece that combines two things:
i) an image of a cat, or cats or something feline. This is the 'CAT' element of the mailing.
ii) another object that is linked to a cat in the form of a word. This is the 'plus' element of the mailing.
Here are some examples of 'CATplus' words (and you can find others in a dictionary):
and so on and so forth.
This is how I suggest the 'CATplus' mailing works:
A) everyone is invited to join in
B) those who decide to do so must select their 'CATplus' word, and
C) inform the person who is responsible for the Mailing list (not me, 'cos I had the idea),
D) and then we will all send each other our 'CATplus' piece which is to be mailed on or before 1 September, 2011.
That's the 'CATplus' concept. Suggestions to change it are very welcome.
I hope you will join in.
Regards, le tour de Val and his mogs -- BianCA(T) [!]  & Trouble

* there are also 'CATminus' words  -- such as tomCAT, musCAT, sCAT, bobCAT etc -- but I don't think these are so interesting, and we don't really need to include them, me thinks

PS If the other Cat Group is still in existence should we invite it's members to join in???

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Hello!  For this project will we be assigned a partner and send 1 mailart piece, or will we be making mailart for everyone on the list?  Thanks in advance.
Bonsoir chaosatlanta! Normally what happens is that everyone sends a piece (ait can be the same one, or different ones) to everyone else who decides to participate. Regards, le Tour de Val

from peace&stabilityinsigean, france to chaosinatltanta,us of a: what CATword have you chosen??

Rumpy Herman

are zombie cats allowed?

If the Zombie Cat Council Admissions Committee authorises their participation, then yes.

If not, then yes.

I'm interested ... and there will be an extra treat along with my CATplus piece for each recipient.

Should we post our CATplus word here? If so, I was thinking of doing CATtle ...... MeOOw!

Bonjour! Yes, please post your CATword here. Would you like to be the Mail List co-ordinator? So far we have 3 people including you. The task is not onerous. Regards, Rumpy Herman

scat (uncountable)

  1. (biology) Animal excrement; dung.
  2. (slang) Heroin.
  3. (slang, obsolete) Whiskey.
  4. (slang) Coprophilia.


I'm in with CATerpillar CATerwaul.




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