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At 2:25pm on November 13, 2020, Frieder Speck said…

Yes I like your sketching very much, and your German is very good, and Im sorry i m not able to answer in portugise.

 Have a good time!


At 5:15pm on November 12, 2020, Carien van Hest said…

Beautiful! Obrigada.

At 11:22pm on November 11, 2020, Carien van Hest said…

Number one, or number three? 

At 6:50pm on October 31, 2020, Raj Verdi said…


Thank you, my address is: 

Raj Verdi

Flat 3 Rudgwick Court

7 Woodville St 


SE18 5JH

Send me something and I'll send you something thanks in advance! 

At 12:16am on October 23, 2020, Eduardo Cardoso said…

Olá Luís. Peço desculpa só responder agora. Tenho estado ausente da IUOMA. Fico feliz por ter gostado da minha correspondência. Paciência tenho de sobra. Ficarei à espera da sua resposta. Obrigado.

At 10:15pm on September 7, 2020, Carien van Hest said…

Take all the time you need, Luís. Thank you for participating!

At 1:51am on July 20, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

Now I started a new blog, only for my work as the work I am sent I show on this site. Mainly i am doing it for friends and family as they have no idea of what I do or what mail art is. It is still being developed but have a look in

At 1:44am on July 20, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

I was reading Fernando Pesoas sitting on my favourite chair by a window. I turned the page and found that he wished his readers would do precisely that. I am enjoyinfg it very much.

At 10:49pm on July 15, 2020, Carien van Hest said…

Hi Luís, thank you for your lovely insight on my mail art for you. All what you said is included in my card. 

At 1:39pm on May 28, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

I just noticed that you asked about my blog, ex blog to be accurate. Well I am not talking to Google and my blog was a Google thing. And anyway nobody seemed to go there, shame that you did. I really thought it was useless and I put a lot of time in it. Sorry to have misled you.

At 10:34am on May 15, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

I do really like the drawing you sent me, pity about the woodcut but I thought it was a huge task to get it done, too complicated for the medium. Still, one always learn  during the journey and now that I have looked at it again I think that eventually it will be fine to print, just follow the flow. Keep going. It may not be what you had intended but, who knows, it will be something interesting. At least it will be something; and it is better to be something than nothing! HA HA! The zen thought for the day! By the way, Zen masters teach that there are no inner self, all is in flux. Perhaps that is what your art is saying. (There is always a way to justify anything, listen to politicians)

Thank you for the great music, very necessary at the moment.

At 2:03pm on May 14, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

I am lookinfg forward to see the finished woodcut. I hope you will publish it here.

At 9:44pm on May 9, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

Luis Filipe , I am a strong minded woman, until I fall to pieces.

Seriously, I do admire your drawings, so free and full of feeling.  I would love to have one on any subject.

At 6:12pm on April 16, 2020, Mail Art Martha said…

Thanks for the encouragement Luis Filipe. I was about to give it up, so yousaved it.

At 6:14pm on March 18, 2020, Carien van Hest said…

I sure like that idea, Luís. Please wait for my C-post first. Thank you.

At 8:51pm on November 29, 2019, Ilya Semenenko-Basin said…

Viva Luís Filipe!  :-)

At 6:40pm on June 30, 2012, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…

Mailart project
Doingpoetry: Poetry, Art, Society
Free size, medium and technique
No fee, no jury, no sales, no returns
The show will be held in Pavia in 2012, October 19-21
At Santa Maria Gualtieri
during PAVIART POETRY Festival 2012
Organization by O.M.P. and Farepoesia
Documentation: all submissions will also be posted
on the web sites under costruction in:
Artworks should be sent by snail mail
DEADLINE to be received
2012, September 30

send to:
Via Torino 37
I-27100 Pavia

At 8:01pm on May 9, 2012, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…

Gracia, gracia mi amigo. For the posting. My husband sent you something. Hope it got there.

At 12:49am on April 24, 2012, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…

Gracia, gracia! I recieved the gift today. What a wonderful thing you gave me. I will translate using your guide and my esposo. You are too kind!

At 6:29pm on March 14, 2012, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…

Ehh! That post of a piece is just fantastico. All the looks of the men/words.



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