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At 11:41am on February 5, 2018, Tiina Kainulainen said…

Sending this soon :)

5th Feb, 2018, Poetry drawing for The Celestial Scribe by Tiina from Finland #mailart #poetry

At 7:07pm on February 4, 2018, emily louise said…

a yes....makes sense the Celestial Scribe would notice that!

At 3:27am on February 4, 2018, John Ellis said…

Of course. I'll send something soon.

At 12:47am on February 4, 2018, emily louise said…

this earthling is delighted to receive such celestial greetings!   I will be sending you mail art soon or soon-ish, which tends to be how my time frame operates these days.  

At 4:37pm on January 24, 2018, Flor de Louis said…

Recebi ontem sua arte! Vai estar em Fronteiras e não-limites, ampliei o prazo!! Obrigada, amigo!

At 9:14pm on January 10, 2018, K Rolina Artist said…
We mail artists are tearing those geographical boundaries and man-made borders down, letter by letter.  It is going to take some time, but when complete, our next mission will be interplanetary open borders.

(thanks for encouraging me to think about that)

At 2:29pm on January 10, 2018, K Rolina Artist said…

Obrigado Patricio again!  I feel so lucky to have received further mail art from the Celestial Scribe in a lovely crispy brown paper envelope too!  Fabulous postcard and wonderful intresting snippets to read, I do enjoy receiving your art.Just a photo of the envelopes as I am keeping the contents to myself (actually, I must have them on my phone, not my hard-drive) and I want to waste no time in thanking you!

At 10:28am on January 9, 2018, Eleni Larisi said…

Thank you so much for your welcoming message! May the mail connect us 



At 7:49pm on January 8, 2018, Norma Soulet said…

Hi Patricio,

Happy New Year To You!

Hope you are doing well.

Something went out in today's mail for you.



At 5:41pm on January 8, 2018, Kevin Geronimo Brandtner said…

Hey ho,

Thx fo the nice welcome! I will send something your way soon :)

Cheers Geronimo

At 2:41pm on January 3, 2018, K Rolina Artist said…

Obrigado Patricio for the wonderful mail art received some time over the holiday period!  The envelope is wonderful and the contents still make me smile!

Happy New Year!

At 1:42pm on December 23, 2017, Janys oliveira said…

Recebi lindas mensagens celestiais da republica de patland.. feliz natal e um fim de ano com esperanças  renovadas! Valew escriba...até  breve

At 6:44pm on December 19, 2017, K Rolina Artist said…

Thank you Patricio, I shall be sure to keep all portals open!

At 3:13am on December 17, 2017, Kristen Maki Hermanny said…

It will be my pleasure to send something to your abode. Hopefully it will be something you will treasure for centuries.. 

At 12:56am on December 10, 2017, Adriana Anselmo de Oliveira said…

Muito obrigada Patricio! Será um prazer trabalhar com você.


At 4:08pm on December 8, 2017, ArtbyJac said…

I would be delighted to send some your way.

At 6:14pm on December 7, 2017, Mike Parsons said…

Mail ART is on the way to you ... left envelope this photo 

At 6:08pm on December 2, 2017, Jan Hodgman said…

Meeting, as only it can be, in the centerless center, yet another scrap of unfindability wends its way to you.

At 5:32pm on December 2, 2017, Jan Hodgman said…

o yes, friend. something will wing its way soon.

At 3:17am on December 2, 2017, Janys oliveira said…

Obrigada pelo apoio....e que o universo celestial me traga boas experiencias e econtros artísticos!  Eu fico feliz por ter alguem que acredita no meu potencial! Bom fim de semana e espero receber suas artes...até  breve !



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