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At 4:32pm on June 2, 2014, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…
At 4:25pm on June 2, 2014, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Thank you, Jack! Will definitely plant your mail art!

Cascadia ArtPost says "Go Green"

Something soon in the mail to you. xxx

At 10:12pm on May 31, 2014, Mail Art Martha said…

Thanks, Jack, for the mailing. It is now published in

Mail Art in the Clouds, the Sequel I enjoy the Peeps enormously and see possibilities there; perhaps sending them around for us to live with them for a while, photograph them and send the photos back to you. I had Zombie Kitty Kawaii staying with me a couple of years ago and we had great fun together, there is a book she wrote of her stay here in the United Queendom of Retailia.

will open the book.

I am chuffed that you like my Artistamps stunt and happy that you want to re-stage it in a decent climate. It will be nice to know it finally took off. I am sorry but I could  not find any more photos than the ones in the

The idea was to let balloons free with the stamps hanging from a fishing line sandwiched between stamps stuck back to back. I carefully weighed the tails so the balloons would fly but did not count with the extra weigh of the rain water. A tag with my email was hanging at the end of the tails but now i think my email should have been written on the balloon with indelible felt pen so if it got stuck somewhere out ot reach  (or was seen floating away as they did ) still could have been read.

At 2:09pm on May 10, 2014, Mail Art Martha said…

Your amazing artwork is in my blog now, thanks you have found out my weakness; childlike stuff. I love the little figures and the stories they tell me.( I won't grass on them, they are between them and me) On the subject of childhood memories, recently I downloaded from Gutemberg a collection of Russian fairy tales, remarkable as they are prefaced by a very intelligent essay. I did  not know there was so much to them.

At 1:46am on May 8, 2014, Nina Hermus said…

Thank you for your trick beaker card. Love it.

At 6:48pm on May 4, 2014, Heleen de Vaan said…

Thank you very much, Jack, for your awesome 'Go green' card!
I hardly dare to sow it, because I love your messages and the stamps on the back side. 

'Envelopes and postcards are mightier than pixels' - great quote!!!

At 8:52pm on April 16, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

I like Theta rotation ! Thanks!

At 11:55am on March 29, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

Thanks for the walnut card! Ones coming right back at you!

At 5:06pm on March 14, 2014, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Another great mail art card arrived, with "Walnut" artistamps.

Thank you so much!

blogged here:

At 7:32am on March 10, 2014, Mail Art Martha said…

oops came back? Misspelling or freudean slip? May be I was a cat in my previous life, a bad, bad cat so I am a human now!

At 7:29am on March 10, 2014, Mail Art Martha said…

I got your postcard from XPF, thanks, I am glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement, busier than ever I see. I wish you creative and happy days in your new house with spouse and cats. Yes they do  not have any worries, cats I mean. i am working hard at my karma so I came back as a cat.

At 2:32pm on March 9, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

Thanks for the mail ! Beautiful stamps! I am very envious of your Ex Postal Facto trip!!

At 4:23pm on March 6, 2014, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Super! thanks for the card...and artistamps, too!

on the blog:

At 11:12am on February 23, 2014, Mail Art Martha said…

I am sure you were in my list of friends, and I am positive I sent you a message yesterday. The weirdest things keep happening...

The message was please see where you super artwork is:

At 2:04pm on February 14, 2014, Jean Claude SARPI said…

Hi, for IUOMA members, we are the owners of an art gallery in Marseille, France, and organizing a Mail Art exhibit ''not for sale'' from June 3 to 30, 2014. The theme is: "Mermaids in the port, queens of the sea..." We invite you to participate and send an artist's letter. Free technique. On a postcard or any other object of your choice. Illustration, address and stamp on the same page. Deadline for hanging: May 10, 2014.   Send a work in mail format as original as possible. Send to: JC SARPI -  LE LAB 3 rue Bussy l'indien 13006    Marseille France
.We will answer each mail by sending Mail Art. Looking forward to presenting your works.  Thank you for giving the information to all the persons who may participate to the project. Look at

At 5:24am on February 10, 2014, Maureen Forys said…

Hey Jack, You know I will be there! You couldn't stop me as I am one of the team helping Ms. RLD to put it on as well as designing the catalog, passports, logo etc. It's shaping up to be fantastic.

At 4:36pm on January 23, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

Thanks for the cards! Change of address noted, and blogged too!

At 10:19am on January 17, 2014, Ptrzia (TICTAC) said…

Hi Jack
You must be very busy, thank you for the prompt reply and specially for your kind thought of sending a second documentation.
The post delivery has suffered big delays indeed this crazy winter, even though we are having a very abnormal mild weather in Bavaria.
The catalog is beautifully made and very enjoyable with all the great contributions. Thank you for both!
I'm glad to hear about the new customs regulations, mail art needs good news in this respect!
I will update your blog link in my posts with a reminder of your new address.

I wish you a happy move and lots of fun in the Ex Postal Facto!
Best wishes

At 12:32am on January 12, 2014, TIZIANA BARACCHI said…
At 12:49pm on January 9, 2014, Petrolpetal said…

Hi there

When does your address change? 



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