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At 11:02pm on December 28, 2016, Kosmo Vinyl said…

Fike your envelope arrived today - I will reply eventually, but have a few other pieces tog et to first. Thanks a lot ,man, I really appreciate it.

At 7:19pm on December 3, 2016, Gordon Macitosh said…

Thanks Ficus. This is new to me and am just starting off. You have certainly submitted a great deal of art. Lovely work too.

At 5:51am on November 2, 2016, Yayoi S.W. said…
Happy Birthday Ficus! And thank you for the mail art you sent a couple of weeks ago.
At 12:40am on September 13, 2016, Keith S. Chambers said…

Yep. That'd be me, KC of AC . . . Chief Dustomology Officer and mail clerk.

Que es "YOB-f?"

At 8:02pm on September 12, 2016, Ficus strangulensis said…

more to follow as more are eaten

At 8:00pm on September 12, 2016, Ficus strangulensis said…

When Fike's not mail arting or reading scifi or shattering the silence whilst making paper targets holey he wonders about strange and mostly useless things.

Sugar free popsicles from Wal Mart come in boxes of 20 with flavors Orange [O], Grape [P] and Cherry [R]. Each is contained in a plastic wrap which has a flap seal down the side and then two of these individual packages are bonded together with flaps on the same side making 10, 2-paks per vended package. If one holds a two-pack so that the stick handles are up and the sealed sides are facing him and observes which of the three flavors are in each individual pak, there would be 9 possible combinations [3x3 allowing each position to be filled by any of the three colors] HOWEVER, 3 of these possibilities are not present because none of the 2-paks [at least observed so far] have two of the same color. So it's 3x2 choices, 6 total. These are:


I wondered if there was a statistically significant nonrandom distribution of all the 6 possible combinations. Non-randomness might be determined in colors of first position, 2nd position & 2-pak combinations.

So, here is a record of observed [and eaten] combinations:

Pkg 001:











Pkg 002:

At 9:25pm on August 25, 2016, Lin Tarczynski said…

This is the one I'm referring to:

At 9:17pm on August 25, 2016, Lin Tarczynski said…

Wow. It looks like a watercolor that has been stained and damage, but the damage is very beautiful.

At 8:20pm on August 18, 2016, Mail Art Martha said…


You may think strange that I am sending you another exact copy but this has been signed and autographed especially for you.  

At 6:58pm on June 25, 2016, stripygoose said…

Hey Fike - thanks for the message, story and photos. Much appreciated. Glad to know goose arrived safely. I've heard from over 100 people now. Blogging here: bird arrivals blog

New 365 on this shared blog: the chicken series

Thanks again for being part of the project.

At 5:21pm on May 30, 2016, Cascadia Artpost said…

FS- Greetings from Cascadia!

Glad you enjoyed the Walmarth Cascadia publicity, a joint effort of Walmarth UK, Cascadia Artpost, and the DKult Industrial Complex.

More mail will be on the way to you this coming summer.


At 11:04pm on May 7, 2016, Jen Muir said…

Thank you for adding me :) Look forward to sharing art~

At 6:54pm on April 20, 2016, Mim Golub Scalin said…

Following up on Mim Young's comment - I too have been autocorrected to "Mom" which is pretty disconcerting for people who's mother's are no longer alive.

At 11:11pm on April 16, 2016, De Villo Sloan said…

Fike, I don't know abt me = confusion. That could be some randomness working.

Amalgamated Confusion is Keith Chambers in Anaheim, Cali. Good guy.

Yer ol' Bud-dha

At 9:27pm on April 16, 2016, Heleen de Vaan said…
AC is (from) our colleague and IUOMA member from Anaheim.
At 8:27pm on April 5, 2016, Aine Holder said…

Hi Fike,  your letter arrived in my mailbox today. I was thrilled.  Thank you.  I will get something together and send it off to you soon.   The envelope was fabulous!  

At 3:51pm on April 4, 2016, Jessica said…
Hello! Shall we swap something?
At 11:31pm on March 20, 2016, Nadia Aroca said…

Hi Ficus, thanks for the mail! keep it going.

At 4:28am on March 7, 2016, Tina Hedin said…

Hey new ol' friend! Thanks for the cool envelope full of your prints - love your work! And appreciated your note... yes, we have experience in common. Will be sending something soon!

At 11:42pm on March 6, 2016, KRichey said…

Hello fellow Richey! I know very few of my own clan so I may or may not have an uncle K.A. Richey.  We come from the Bartletts, like the pear people  Thanks for welcoming me!



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