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At 6:11pm on November 13, 2019, Motherbrando said…

thank you Jon, for the random array of paper! It's

going to take a while to digest it all. 

At 7:45pm on November 8, 2019, res nullius aka. "res" said…

By ning group, I mean a group here on Ruud's IUoMA ning, (not a new ning). Sorry if I'm restating the obvious. I view IUoMA-related notifications on FB usu. when referenced here first, but I am not sure if that is typical or not. ッ 

At 7:45pm on August 16, 2019, Norma Soulet said…

Hi Jon,

Something is headed your way. Left here today.


At 10:11pm on August 12, 2019, Adam Roussopoulos said…

At 10:10pm on August 12, 2019, Adam Roussopoulos said…

WONDERFUL collage from Jon arrived today! Thank you!

At 8:58am on August 3, 2019, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

SPOT on...hope you find Mr.Cheek,,,

and one of your Add/Pass boekie beauties arrived 

some time ago from Borderline Grafix,

see the blog:

Jon, always good to see you in the mail,

(but wait to send me after September,) thanks  xxx

At 9:47am on April 26, 2019, Terry Reid said…

Jon, I got your notice that you are considering doing a zine and wanted a response.  Are you asking people what they think would make a good zine?  Would be curious to see the responses you have so far.  If it's shooting in the dark you want, I'd say it would make a valuable history to say what Mail practice has accomplished up to now; to list the many tentacles (and testicles and other lobotomized parts) that have been chopped and forgot - there's been many beginning from the early beginnings.  And, of course, for shortages of cash or imagination, the many magnificent things that failed to get done en route, but are still to be done in an undisclosed future.  Ok, that is my contribution - a (sort of) provocation.  Bet you can find some great people to fill in my hungry blanks, say, just for starters, starting with John Held jr (never short on ideas) and Vittore Baroni (who has thought through the history).  Or try Ruggero Maggi on the Tibet Pavillion at the Venice Biennale.

At 3:00am on April 9, 2019, Maria Consuelo Guacuto Blanco said…

Hi Jon

I invite you to my project YOUR CITY  Nuevo%20Provecto%20ARTE%20CORREO.docx
I would like you to participate.

Maria Guacuto

At 6:55pm on February 23, 2019, Norma Soulet said…

Hi Jon,

I would love to get a copy of your "10 years of Mail Art Newsletter".



At 4:03pm on December 16, 2018, xx Jones said…

Jon, here is a posting and reply to a mailing of yours! Thank You!

At 5:14pm on November 5, 2018, Edna Toffoli said…
At 3:11pm on November 4, 2018, Mike Parsons said…

On the way to Winston- Salem

At 2:40am on August 29, 2018, The Introverted Post said…

If you have that Brother Tank Demo handy id love to borrow it and make a copy. Oh and I will fill the box and send it on its way. 

At 10:26pm on June 6, 2018, Mim Golub Scalin said…
At 4:41pm on June 6, 2018, Fast Eyes said…
But of course...and pass mustard.
At 9:20pm on May 21, 2018, Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) said…

Great packet, Jon, collab book and ALL!

Thanks  and so good to see you at Delphi even for a short time!

At 12:06am on April 22, 2018, Toni Hanner -- tonipoet said…

Yea Jon! I got "Ring'n'Key" collab book today, along with a zillion A&P's, stickers, and other assorted wonderfulness! Can't wait to get started on all of it!

At 7:09pm on April 5, 2018, Richard Canard said…

05.04.18 Dare Mister Jon Foster, ...I have entered my two cents & relayed the Collab Book that you generously sent my way. If there is one to spare----may I have another?? Sincelery, Richard Canard...........Post Scriptum: was pleased to see that the wood assemblage has been relegated to the basement as that is where it was created & spent much of it existence....thought it might possibly have been utilized in one of those notorious Jon Foster backyard bonfire/parties or quietly slipped into the refuse at a local construction site. If you like, it can serve as a collaboration piece. ...i.e. the lower right extended 2 by 4 serves as a shelf for whatever it is you are drinking at the moment.... at one point. it had an empty coke bottle quietly resting there for eons.

At 6:22pm on April 3, 2018, El Agujero de Mirna said…
At 2:57am on March 31, 2018, Jayne Barket Lyons said…

Hi Jon,

I just finished something for you. It will go out with tomorrow's mail.





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