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At 6:37pm on June 25, 2011, Winged Heart said…

I do hope it ends quickly, at least I am getting caught up on my mail art here in Canada : )


At 6:26am on June 12, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Right first time, John!

Regards, Peter the Herman's Hermit

At 8:02pm on June 11, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…


Was the beer any good, No, it was french beer. You may well know this: wht's the fifference between making love in a punt and drinking French beer?

Now turnip art/addressing isn't something that I've previously considered, mais pourquoi pas? The French probably do this on a smaller scale -- garlic bulb art, but as I'm allergic to garlic that's something else I haven't gotten into.

Regards, Herman's Hermit


At 6:38am on June 11, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…
Bonjour New Friend John. You might be interested to know that I've managed to send a beer mat through the post to my French IUOMA mate with whom I eam engaged in a minor Bray/Tingay 'How far can we push La Poste?' project. Hope to receive something from you one day soon. Bon weekend, your New Friend Val.
At 11:07am on June 5, 2011, Terry Reid said…


here is an invitation to pARTicipate in the SECREt eXCHANGE exhibitions...pass the invitation on to your friends, and let me know on my page if you will or won't be able to contribute; go to IUoMA Events...or click on the link   thx, Terry Reid, and hope to hear from you

(in facebook it is at :!/profile.php?id=100000748977585 )
send me a friends request to speed up communications

At 4:10pm on June 3, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…


John, I'm delighted to make your acquantaince, and to put a face (well sort of) to the man who wrote 'The Englishman...'.

It's one of my all-time favourite postal history/mail art books. One that makes you think, 'I wish I'd been able to research and then write it.' The first two chapters, especially, have been much read by me, 'cos they are great. In a way they inspired a French IUOMA colleague JF Chapelle (look him up on the site) and I to start a project called, Experimental Artistic Postage":we test the tolerance of the French postal system in seeing what we can send to each other. Items to date include wrong sized envelopes, out of date stamps, cheese box lids, 45 rpm records, CDs, beer mats etc. Most of these were unwrapped, à la Bray, but aaddressed (or sticky labelled).

I also have an on-going project called 'An Envelope a Day', & will have an exhibition here in Sigean this summer showing the 365 envelopes I have mailed myself over the course of a year: they, too, test the tolerance, or otherwise, of the local postal authorities. You can find some of the envelopes in the Photo section of my IUOMA page.

I also like the 'Postmarks' chapter of 'The Englishman...', because I'm an avid philatelist (but a poor one, who sometimes has to focus on postmarks when he can't afford to buy stamps).

I should tell you that your book is one of the most highly rated amongst the IUOMA boys and gals.

I'm not sure that I can Mentor a man of your talents. All I can say is take your time, and send stuff out when you are ready. 

Stay in touch! Regards, Val

At 3:59pm on June 3, 2011, Lorraine Kwan said…

I see we have a new member, welcome Mr Tingey!

Lorraine Kwan, Vancouver

At 6:48am on June 3, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Dear John,

Welcome to IUOMA!

It's a great bunch of folks and I hope that you enjoy exchanging Mail Art with us. I'm your Mentor,  and if I can help to ease you into IUOMA in any way, then please don't hesitate to ask and I'll try to explain what's going on and how IUOMA works.

Would you like to exchange some Mail Art with me? If so, send me something to 1 Rue de la Vieille Fontaine, F-11130 Sigean, France, and I PROMISE to sedn you something back.

Hoping you enjoy your IUOMA days.

Regards, Val Herman



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