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At 11:12am on June 24, 2020, Mary Anne said…

I have sent you a little something.  Let me know if it arrives and in what connnndition . . . 

At 12:47pm on July 25, 2019, Mary Anne said…

Hi there and greetings from sunny York.  I didn't realise you were mixed up with this bunch of crazies . . . should have known better.

For the last year or so I have been busy getting my moneys worth out of the National Health.  Exciting times (of a sort)

I was thinking of you just a week or so ago as I had an idea of a testing address method but wasn't sure if you were still interested in such things.  I guess you are so I will put some more thought into it and try and get it in the system shortly.


At 8:57pm on February 26, 2013, Carlos I. Botana said…



Proxecto Cárcere calls artists to participate in the open, international project 
for the old prison of A Coruña to become a Selfmanaged Sociocultural Center.
The works will take part in an exhibition this year.
 It will take place inside or outside the prison, abandoned and disused at present.
A picture of each work will be uploaded in
For further information please visit our blog: 
or send an e-mail to

Subject: Jail
Deadline: 1st June 2013
No measurement limits
Free technique
The works will not be returned and will become part of the archives of Proxecto Cárcere.

Send your works to:
Carlos Botana
Avda. Gral. Sanjurjo, 62 - 2º
15006 - A Coruña
At 11:08am on October 9, 2011, E said…

Hello John,

Two new sendings towards your house...I hope that they are going to arrive...

Amitiés d'Utopia.


At 1:52am on August 26, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

John: a hummingbird, the "postbird" of Republik van Patland Postal Service, left heaven today and is on its way to Valley Road.  Pay careful attention to the sky, postbirds usually arrive when no one expect them, mainly when they carry a Celestial Promise.  All the best from the heavenly Republik van Patland.

At 12:29am on August 25, 2011, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…

John- Such fun! I will scan and send the two cards (latest is the candy jars-today). Am I to sign where indicated or is that only for your signiture? I've GOT to buy your book! The stamps of yours are really quite great.

At 5:15pm on August 22, 2011, E said…

Hi John,

Thanks for your work (Card N°31). Here are the wanted photos.




At 2:57pm on August 22, 2011, Guido Vermeulen said…


Card 46 arrived today without problem. Photos on "my photos IUOMA" and on the book of Ann blog. I signed the card as requested and also mentioned the date of arrival.


At 5:07pm on August 13, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

Official Report:  "Yesterday we received a crazy postcard register 33, dated 04Aug coming from Planet Earth.  I do not like it.  It is, by far, better when compared to what our Celestial Mail Art School masters produce". Patland Post Master General

The real report:  Excellent homework!   The stamp is something to write home about. You were able to relate the card to my name Celestial Scribe.  Congratulations.

The Future: The Celestial Oven will be coking something for you soon.  You will notice the arrival of it because one of our "postbirds", a hummingbird will be flying over Newbury.  Let me know when it happens. Caelestis       

At 5:02am on August 9, 2011, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…
John! Got  card #38 yesterday. It arrived perhaps 3 days ago. I was in the desert where I have no mail service. Lovely stamps both postal and inked. I love the size of my address next to the magnifying glass. Working on something for you!
At 4:39pm on August 4, 2011, Yvonne Neldel said…

Thank you for the friendship! You now have an enthusiastic follower of Brays Life and Art. I became a fan-he indeed was a very unique personality---.....and if he/you would leave some traces in my postbox I´d thank you.

Until soon and you really did a great job in keeping his spirit alive.....Yvonne.

At 7:10pm on August 1, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…
To exchange some mail?  I have no other reason to be here than mail exchange.   

Í am ready when you are. Your envelope should read as follows:

The Celestial Scribe

Av. Paraná, 1489 apto. 1004




I look forward to see your piece arriving on the mail.  I will do my homework after receiving yours.  That’s a celestial promise.  I´m the Celestial Scribe

At 2:40pm on July 21, 2011, Henry Denander (HankD) said…

Hi John, Great to hear from you. You know I'm a big fan of your book! I think your book on Bray should be read by everyone who has any interest in mail art, your book is very inspiring.

I will write you soon. I'm in Greece for another month, at PO Box 21, GR-180 40 Hydra Greece. Then back to Sweden and the ice and snow... /Hank

At 7:11am on July 21, 2011, Carolyn Kinzbach Lackey said…

John, I was just googling Bray when I discovered that you're an author!  Very impressive!  Very interesting!


At 4:01pm on July 20, 2011, John Tingey said…

Great mail received from MaryAnne today - well done the Royal Mail for delivering it.




At 10:06pm on July 19, 2011, Carolyn Kinzbach Lackey said…
I'll get something in the mail to you tomorrow!  My address is on my page!
At 5:13pm on July 19, 2011, Pamela Gerard said…
Oh how fun....I will get right on it this week......Pamela
At 12:22am on July 6, 2011, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…
Great! I'll be at the PO box because I think my increase in mail has pushed my worker over the edge.
At 2:19pm on July 1, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour John, Your 'in the spirit of Reginald Bray' card has arrived safely today (1 July). That's pretty good, seeing that the sort-of-map Google address you provided could be read as 1 Rue de Serinan, and I live at 1 rue de la Vieille Fontaine (no jokes about the old fart from the old fountain, thank you very much!).

I don't have a scanner, but will arrange for both sides of the card to be scanned and sent to you when I get back from a trip to the UK in the middle of July (I'm going tomorrow night, but hope to get something -- that will not be challenging to the Post Office -- to you before then).

I'm keeping your card tucked in to my copy of your 'Englishman who posted himself ...'book.

Two questions: i) do you know Harriet Russell's 'Envelope' book? ii) would you be interested in forming a IUOMA Group (called 'Reginald Bray'?) so that like-minded people in other countries could continue these sort of postal experiments? If so, I can give you a few tips on how this could be done.

Thanks again, and Bon weekend, Regards, Val


At 6:16pm on June 26, 2011, Svenja Wahl said…
Dear John, I would be happy!



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