Look what I got!  I LOVE IT!  It's getting mounted on my wall somewhere in my home, which is where I spend the vast majority of my time since early 2000, so I can see it a LOT.

Gwendolynium from MA sent me "Audax - 2022", and I agree that the title should probably be "What the Actual Fuck?".  I had admired this piece aloud here on IUOMA and we became friends over it.  Now I have someone to send a similarly witty piece which I made years ago and no one wanted, despite my feeling like it was lots of fun!  This mail artist is well met indeed!

And THEN she sent me STARWARSPOTATOES GUMMED Stamps!  They're REAL and way over my pay grade regarding how she made them.  Do you see the cool offer at the bottom?  Yeah, well, it's such a lucrative offer that I have already made $200 in my spare time just by receiving the offer!  Look!

When do you ever get $200 just for opening an envelope containing free art and a special potato growing offer?  Like?  Never.  That's when it happens.  Until NOW!

Here's the envelope!  Check out the artistamps!  I love vintage stamps, and here she's made artistamps that look like real vintage stamps: "Deliver D Letter - D Sooner D Better", "Snail Mail Post", "Fellowship Of Pandemic Pickers"!  There are also very professional looking circle shapped rubber stamps.  Here's the  reverse side of the envelope:

Featuring Betty White and a few more full color, gorgeously perforated artistamps.  My favorite is the one in the middle, urging us to "Get Your Vax Before It's Too Late".  

Thank you, Gwendolynium!  You'll see me in the mail!

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Tags: 2022, Gwendolynium, artistamps, audax, money, monopoly, starwarspotatoes


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Comment by Triboulet on February 18, 2022 at 12:07pm

Hello from Germany,

Thank you very much for the Postacard, (you are the first :) )

I love you Typography, hope you'll enjoy mine


Comment by Debra Mulnick on January 25, 2022 at 3:24am

Gnome,  Thanks for posting this and for your commentary.  You made me laugh which I really need to do more!

Gwendolynium’s work is a real treat.

Comment by Gwendolynium on January 25, 2022 at 2:38am

Don't spend it all in one place...  ;-D


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