Today I received a random & gorgeous postcard from PaganFrog...

I love this. Random! Makes me feel all magical and t goes without saying it feels a bit like christmas morning which is definitely a good thing. I love the rubberstamping in the corner and the color is pitch perfect with the reds oranges golds against the turquoise accents (sorry I'm a recovering painter)-I also love the collage of different postage stamps on the back. Thanks so much, I will get to work on a pile for you I just have to find the perfect parts...Sincerely Yours: Hilary K.

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Comment by Hilary Konrad on October 5, 2020 at 12:40am

One last comment-err, question for you Heather: do u have any special interests, recent obsssions, etc. I might wanna have in mind whilst I go about creting a mail art response to your lovely postcards & mail art gesture? I always like to ask. If you'd rather I be totally random, that's cool too! But just LMK if you're like recently totally into toadstools, or just got into I dunno, this that or the other...Like lately I'm super into circles for some odd reason when my whole life I've been a triangle girl! Also, like many of us out there, I'm a cat lady. I am an obsessive writer of all things writable-first off poetry, but also lately I've been into making mail art that doubles as say, your average grade school book report, or some ph.D. student' latest dissertation-only mine's on the subject of how much I enjoy eating kiwi fruits skin and all instead of the usual 'socioeconomics of underprivelidged bladiblah's' or whatever! It all began upon studying Ray Johnson's tendancy toward the fan club as an art form-I wanted of couorse to be just like Ray so I started my own club called The League Of Eternal Students" cuz well I like learning as Ray loved mailing! They did after all refer in one paper I read to Johnson's mailings as "pedagogical" so yeah not too far off surprisingly in mail art it all goes, everything's in! Anywho, hope this extended comment this autumn sunday finds u well & LMK on specifics-or not! But keep in touch! Cheerio! Hilary. 

Comment by Hilary Konrad on October 5, 2020 at 12:32am

In response to you saying how you'd rather be spending hordes on $$$ on FUN stuff rather than things like food, rent...BLAH! Living expenses, schmiving schmexpenses! I TOTALLY agree, that sentiment mega resonates with me...I used to love being a consumer. I worked in retail, then as an adult somehow ended up in the antiques/flea market buying & selling trade where you always have to stay stocked up, always gotta be buying and buying what exactly? Stuff OTHER PEOPLE wanna buy-good sellers-so I went into jewelry and ignored what I really was leaning instinctively towards accumulating which was USABLE stuff-yeas art supplies are included here but also a lot of other things that function as art supplies but which aren't technically MADE for it-that is how I became a dealer of antique postcards, letters, documents, postage stuff, envelopes, ephemera in general, which in turn is what turned me on and led me down this path here-the mail art path! Thank you, life, I gladly accept! Anyways when I think back on all the shoes, bags, clothing, furniture, dinners, movies, etc. I've put hard earned cash into now I'm all like: WHAAAT? $100 for a dress? How many rubber stamps could I get for that amount? How many stamps, stickers, how many stationery sets go for a hundred bucks??? YES & AMEN to spending our treasured $$$ on that which we please especially when what we please leads us to create more which leads us to spend more $$$ on more of what we please, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum!!!

Comment by Heather Wilkie (paganfrog) on October 2, 2020 at 12:49am

oh yes, since I returned to the world of mail art after a quitting of over ten years ago, you woul dhave thought that id be content with all my hoarded away supplies being like new to me again, but no....ive been going craycray buying more new supplies to add to the load i already have. And the fun thing is, i dont care, id sooner do this thanspend money on boring things.

Comment by Hilary Konrad on October 2, 2020 at 12:36am

I know exactly what you mean about the impulse to collect or amass or gather I suffer from this too! I used to be an antique paper books and ephemera dealer, it was a lot about the hunt always searching for I try to match what I put out (mail art) with what I take in (mail art) - with enough for lots of awesome mail art supplies and paraphernalia of course budgeted in! Does anyone else get as into the supplies and tools as the art itself or is it just me? It's also hard to let go of things when u put lots of work into them but then u get something even better in the mail the next day and it's one thing leads to another, the ripples in the pond, whatever you wanna call it-it's GOOD!

Comment by Heather Wilkie (paganfrog) on September 26, 2020 at 2:52pm

I love it when my mail hits the system at a perfect time and fast tracks it to the recipient. Glad you love the card. I like to make things i enjoy and would keep if i could, but then that would mean id have nothing to have fun with exchanging with. :-)



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