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Received! 11302020 Josh Ronsen

Another exciting introduction 

via mail! Josh included a neat zine made up of 

completed A&P sheets, cut and pasted so that 

page of the zine is a detail of a larger work. Also

included, an invitation to download some noise/experimental music from Austin musicians!!

Absolutely fab!! Thanks Josh…


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Received! 11302020 A. Roussopoulos

I love receiving mail that initiates a

new correspondence! Thanks for reaching

out A. R.! This is an interesting piece with some stamp work I enjoy! I especially appreciated the plastic bag

the post office put this in, I imagine so that it wouldnt damage cuz it got to me fine! Thank you, will send response…


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Received! 11302020 Jenn Miltenberger

It's always such a magical trip

opening up Jenn's envelopes full of A&P's,

ATC's and other ephemera :D I love the variety in the

A&P's, and seeing all the artist names crossing over from…


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Received! 11302020 Tanushree V

Thank you, Tanushree for the 

lively, warm, art! Much needed now that 

Chicago is getting colder, windy and gray. 

Will be sending something back this week :)

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Received! 11302020 Barbie Nelis

Thank you for passing along a vibrant

A&P zine by Sabela Baña! You always send great A&P's along with friendly notes with cute fabric/stitching and envelopes one can get lost in! :)

Will be adding to this booklet tonight♡

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Received! 11302020 Dustin Cecil

Thank you to Dustin for this 

lovely  print of a blue cat!! I showed

it to the kitty I live with and he purrrred♡

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WAHOO! (Received 11302020)

After about a week of no mail,

I opened up my mailbox to this lovely haul!!

♡ Thanks, everybody ♡

About to open these now!

(Individual "Received Confirmations" to…


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Recent work featured on my instagram:

The aftermath of a weekend collaging 

I just uploaded three new pieces of

work to my Instagram 

featuring some outgoing correspondence art 

Have a look! :D 

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Thankful Everyday

A new addition to my hand carved stamp collection. Feeling grateful for the workers today and every day♡

I'll make sure to include a few of these stickers to my outgoing mail frequently so we can all thank our mail workers, bringing us joy and necessary supplies to us everyday♡ Thank you Thank you Thank…


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may she find someone to pass to

Sending this ATC to someone who returned some A&P's (her addition included) with an apology that she didn't have anyone to pass them along to :( 

I suggested she check out IUOMA for contacts, as well as included a couple address stickers a couple of you sent me to share. Hopefully she joins us on here and gains some collaborators!…


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it's been a meditative beginning

I've been really enjoying the slow focus that carving stamps requires. This is my current collection of handmade stamps soon to continue growing! Preparing for a long correspondence art session I'm about to begin today, I wanted to lay out my stamps and supplies and reflect on my progress so far…


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ISO Cassette Correspondence Artists

sent off a collaboration tape today to

my dear friend (and legendary Chicago musician and performance artist), Dr. Charles Joseph Smith. He will add some spoken word and,once returned to me, I will add some soundscapes! 

¿¿Do you have a way to record onto cassette and an interest in experimental…


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texture, process, room for error...

testing some new stamp ideas,

a warm-up before responding to some 

mail, and initiating some potential correspondence…


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Received! 11202020 Bonniediva

"After ruthlessly stealing Millie's boyfriend, Freda offered up a ham."

~ Thank you, Bonniediva for this hilarious collage! This quote you wrote on the back has me cracking up everytime I read it and see the image lol

***received late October I believe...catching up on some past scans...***…


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Received! 11202020 Fast Eyes

Thank you, Fast Eyes for an intriguing and cathartic postcard!

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