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The Free Image Exchange

Happy to see there is enthusiasm from my last post about this idea! I was inspired to make more today :)…


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About Gaze


linocut print

-been thinking a lot about the subject v.s. the artist , objectification, eroticism, fetishized narrative, the power dynamics in photography, problematic white photographers who've attempted at "capturing" BIPOC bodies, the violent language used in photography and…


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The Free Image Exchange

I'm going to be making a lot more of these traveling image libraries for folks to add material/scraps to, taking anything that strikes them, and passing it along to someone else who might need some new imagery! I'm having fun making these envelopes/folders out of material that's been sent to me or that I've had for a while.

Let me know if…


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Received! 01202021 David Jaap

Received great mail from David a few days ago! Both the rubber stamps of train stations and the art of a silent, floating specter are very calming to look at. Thank you very much David~ 

I have sent something to you in Taiwan a couple days ago!



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Received! 01202021 Iver Zinaver

Received fantastic mail from Iver a few days ago! The envelope is stunning and unfortuately seems like it for a little waterdamaged while on its way to me, but I think that it just adds to its story :) Thank you so much, Iver, for the lovely stamps!! Sending mail back to you very soon!



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Received! 01202021 Amy Candiotti

Received this vibrant haul from Amy a few days ago! So much fun looking at such colofrul art~ Loved the postcards! :) Been getting a lot of very cool mail from Seattle WA all of a sudden, and I hope it continues!

Thanks Amy, sending something back very soon~



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Received! 01202021 Bonniediva

Received the latest issue of Bonniediva's zine! My day always gets better upon seeing some Bonniemail in the the mailbox :) Thank you friend, I sent something your way yesterday~!

- Mah Nu

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Received! 01202021 Princess Mooncake

Received this magical piece of art from Princess Mooncake, full of Nopeism whispers and wisdoms. 

Thank you Princess Mooncake, sending something back soon <3 <3 <3

~Mah Nu

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New A&P Booklets looking for destinations

I finished a new series of four small Add & Pass booklets.

These are made from collage material I've been gifted as well as scraps of paper I had on my worktable.

Please add to and pass on…


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Received! 01212021 Amanda Becerra


A. Becerra

January 2021 

Beautiful collage which brings up both the mental difficulty of lockdown as well as the power of imagination, creating, and hoping for a better future. Thanks Amanda!

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IXCHEL Sobre Agua♡ 2021

Diosa Maya, Ixchel



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Coming out of a funk...will send soon♡

Been in a bit of a funk lately which has gotten me behind on my issues, global/local crisis, anxiety etc etc... fortunately with the support and love from friends (some from our IUOMA community) I'm bouncing back and feeling inspired once again♡ If you sent something to me in the past couple months and haven't gotten a response…


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Mariposa Relief 2021

What a …


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Received! 01042021 Dustin Cecil

I love seeing how artist repurpose the stickers I make and send out.

Dustin's envelope with some phenomenal A&P's and lovely carrot art really made my day :) 

Here's a detail of the haul!…


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Received! 01022021 Tanushree

Mixtape For Mah Nu -Tanushree V 2020

So thankful for this postcard, very creative interpretation of a cassette tape by Tanushree V! Thank you very…


Added by Mah Nu on January 3, 2021 at 3:30am — 1 Comment



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