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from babs bird

a suitably birdy card from babs bird to stripygoose. I'm a little worried about the guy with the tophat and pointy stick as he looks very disapproving...  great card! Thanks babs bird. Keep sharing the art :>)

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mailart martha's been busy :>)

A drawing (I really get those hunched shoulders from that sketch), cartoon (an original no-less) and a little book that I need to blog separately I think, so hang on a mo. Thank you Martha - your mailings are always a treat. See you soon in the post or perhaps in…


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Wow Heleen - this is super :>)

Striking bird tangle - thank you Heleen. 

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vintage mailart from Tiffany

Isn't this gorgeous? Thank you Tiffany :>)

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a yellow finch with a beady eye from Gail - thank you

or is it a canary? either way as Feynman said... "You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you're finished, you'll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird... So let's look at the bird and see what it's doing -- that's what counts..."

Anyway, thank you Gail for the collage which I like very much, especially the collection of bird stamps. See you soon in the post, my friend! …


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white geese arrived from Italy

...peaceful, muted colours on this textile mailart from Lorella - thank you. It's delightful!

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need cheering up? use a coupon...

Coupons (designed keri smith) received from elena hoang (mailartists and ace-quiller) - thank you elena. There's a lot of wisdom on this card and alsoa very nice watercolour on the other side :>)

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baggie boekie from Kate in Greece

This is a real treat and packed with goodies, add n pass and something form the 'time' series. And the really neat thing that doesn't come across in the photos is the lovely crinkly sound of the paper when the pages are turned. Thank you so much! I'm just getting into making boekies and this is inspiring. 

Tempting contents...…


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