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Knocked out by Norma's fabric ATC and mixed media card

In the mail today, two terrific mail art pieces from Norma Soulet! 

I love the colour palette in both of these. Blues, violets and yellows have always called to me.  The fabric and stitchery ATC is just a mavel.  It was also one of those moments when you look at a piece and think "I would totally put these elements together in EXACTLY the same way". . . Norma, you speak my language!  Thank you so much! …


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Jules S. Gone Crazy

Received a card from Jules S. about 1-2 weeks ago with a humorous message of temporary insanity.  I have sent something back Jules, but I have no memory of what or when.  If you don't receive anything I have obviously totally hallucinated the whole thing.  I wrote it in my log without the details. …


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Massive Mail Art Package from Mindaugas.

I am speechless as in not actually able to describe everything in the fat envelope from Mindaugas.  A postcard, some Fluxus bucks (I really need to circulate some of these back to the network) a page of arti-stamps, some small art bits and a nice collection of trashpo in the form of beer labels, old lottery cards and coupons.…


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Jayne B. Lyons Vintage Johnny Card

The song urges "Johnny Get Your Hair Cut" in this circa 1940's or '50's pop song  music sheet. Nice find, Jayne, and a belated thanks for your lovely card. 

My cellphone seems to be at death's door and so I have been having issues getting snaps done and posted in a timely manner.  Only the need to clean up some heaps before I get totally confused (some would say "too late" about that) has spurred me into action. …


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Bonniediva March Bonanza

Received with thanks from Bonniediva about a week ago, a package containing a signature vintage card, an ATC and assorted happy mail items that I have sorted into two potential collage piles now, but not sure I will not re-sort again. 

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Katerina sends the gift of Music

Received from Katerina a sunny postcard full of bright colours and music & some Fluxus bucks funny money, in an evelope with dancing stamps.  Thanks Katerina! 

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Kayenderes Decos received from Norma Soulet are here

Two lovely decos arrived via Norma Soulet.  Norma's pages are so gorgeous that I haven't figured out what to add yet. 

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Jesters coming and going

I received a couple of weeks ago (catching up on documentation here) a really interesting Jester card from Triboulet.  

I took him up on his challenge to send a Jester back and although I've never drawn a Jester before, I came up with this character, but not liking my background, I cut her out and put her on a painted sheet I had lying…


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Mail in from Richard Baudet and Ficus

This week I received a generous package of intriguing digital art cards from Fike (great composition!) and the best envelope ever from Richard Baudet with a super hand-painted watercolour card inside. 

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Vintage postcard package from Bonniediva

Last week I received a lovely package containing a postcard and a holiday snapshot from Italy from that most tireless of Mail Artists, Bonniediva.

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Snowfall in Greece

I received a very happy card from MomCat celebrating a rare snowfall in her part of Greece. 

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Mail Received from Claudia Garcia

Over the holidays as mail started to flow again in Canada, I received a collage card and small booklet from Claudia as well as a few bits of valuable ephemera.

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Bonniediva Bonanza

Received over the holidays with thanks to Bonniediva, a fascinating 'zine and a decoration for our tree.

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Mail Art Martha's Holiday Greetings

I really appreciated the holiday card from Mail Art Martha.  What a great labour of love to select one work from each sender and make it work over 2 collages of images.

Added by Linda Rogers on December 27, 2018 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

2 types of gold received from Katerina

Lovely golden leaves and some Fluxxus bucks arrived from Katerina in the local break in the rotating postal strike. 

Thank you, Katerina, I will send something back at the earliest opportunity.  Mail here is a bit unpredictable due to the strike. …


Added by Linda Rogers on November 26, 2018 at 5:12pm — 1 Comment

Mysteries from Mindaugas

Wonderful tiny art from Mindaugas in Lithuania match the beauty of the art stamps on the envelope, and some more in his series of silk screens on factory bills of lading.  I just stared and stared at the tiny art. …


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Woman under a tree contemplates the day

Bejewelled feather, old writing and a smudged photo reminds me of the box of photos on my own shelf of "unknown people" awaiting identification still.  Thank you, Bonnie, this is lovely and gave me a nudge to sort and scan some more of my treasure trove of photos dating back more than a hundred years.…


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Triptych from the Introverted Post

I am just surfacing after a job change that required me to basically be working two jobs which also training my replacement.  Crazy busy and stressy!

And there's a mail strike here!  Nevertheless between rotating strikes a couple of things have arrived including a lovely Triptych from Introverted Post.  Formidable guard on the front. …


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Hello Autumn leaf from Carina

I love the googley eyes on this little fellow. Thank you Carina!

Added by Linda Rogers on November 4, 2018 at 3:30am — 1 Comment

Toni Hanner "I just sat down and cried"

The preventable domestic tragedy of exploding pickles explored in this vintage card.  Thanks Toni!  Time for me to pick up the pace at returning some mail.  Lately I have been losing track and firing randomly and at will... new journal purchased and will be literally turning over a new leaf.…


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