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Incoming from Rebecca

Rebecca sent me this lovely sewn muted abstract which I'm not sure I have placed on the page correctly. Also some prints with a familiar theme.

The xmas theme tells you how long it's been since I've blogged. Rebecca has written…


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Incoming from Katerina

Two separate postals from Katerina of Thessaloniki. Music and Valentines. No post from Katerina would be complete without…

a dress pattern...though I think the one on the left  looks more like a 45 record label to me....…


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Incoming from tictac

tictac sent me some prototypes of her new lemon squeezer which she has helpfully accessorized for American audiences. Also her Xmas greeting. Also her Georgia O'Keeffe stamp. And all imbued with her characteristic wryness and precision.…


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From Vizma Bruns

The Viz from Down Under where it is just about to be winter, sent me this heavily redacted document whose meaning is still being parsed by our security staff. Also enclosed were some clues and $10,000 in hard cold cash should we need it. All of which were sent in this....…


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From Wen Rodgers

Wen in Maryland sent this cool postcard which swam across the dusty desert to Santa Fe. In the distance we see the angry maw of the looming surveillance state or it could also be Googly Eye Island, a vacation paradise. The choice is yours. Also from Wen…


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Prints, Boekies, and more from Carina Granlund

Two stunning prints from Carina of Petsmo. Plus...

A boekie which incorporates Finnish ephemera and some of Carina's…


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Unknown in Seattle

Someone in Seattle was kind enough to send me this elaborate overlaid series of drawings plus an angry rabbit. There's a lot to parse here so I gave the viewer three baselines to choose from. Thank you, kind stranger.

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Meeah's Recurring Nightmare

Meeah of Brooklyn and points west sent me this droll comic a long time ago but its message is evergreen.  Thank you, Meeah. (I've got a few ideas I'd like to bounce off your Dad when he has a moment).

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Keith Chambers and His Amazing Hermes 2000

Keith scored a Hermes 2000, a Swiss-made typewriter circa 1952. Some historical background:

In 1952, Hermes came out with the 2000 model which was a black, glossy typewriter with ubiquitous round keys. The Hermes model 2000 was considered to be the absolute best of the immediate post-war typewriters, and the best looking. Later iterations of…


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Carina's Green Monster

Carina of Petsmo sent me these helpful suggestions in case we are attacked by a large green monster. So far, "Buy a Finnish Dictionary" sounds like the solid winner though "Eat some cake" is also appealing. I will mull my options. Thank you, Carina.

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Everyone's Playing the Outcast Game

The Keys Family Acrobats sent me this game that is sure to catch on (once we assemble all the pieces. Still missing: the Scottie and the Lead Pipe). The premise is simple: Find the outcast in this grouping. Central to that task is the Googlie MandEYEla, (demonstrated below by certified Googlie Eye Handler Fred X ((not his real name)) ). Unfortunately, in the…


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From Alicia in Far Off Iowa

A Trump in a Box...less said about him the better for our purposes...but here the artistry is mingled with craftsmanship in a way that communicates sincerity of belief and, in true to life fashion, the T in the Box lies dumbly upon opening. Alicia was kind enough to dismantle the digital sound chip but I'm told…


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The Bar Code and Bag Art of a Lad in Seine

From the catalog essay by Mikal Fobgrist:

No one does Bar Code art like a Lad in Seine (ALIS). No one has the patience, the fortitude, the drive, the moxie, to nail Bar Code art to the wall and let it sit there wriggling and gasping for breath. No one but a lad in Seine. (cue echoing trumpet solo from Patton).

Just to be…


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Happy New Year

Don't let the bastards grind you down. The meek will inherit the earth but only after protracted legal battles.

Added by David Stafford on January 2, 2017 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Kerri, Meeah, Brooke, RCBz and A Lad in Seine

Kerri sent me this haunting painting/drawing with a thoughtful note on the back. Thank you, Kerri. The appreciation is appreciated.

She also sent me an updated magic couch card (mine had expired in October) the flip side of…


Added by David Stafford on December 6, 2016 at 2:28am — 2 Comments

Keith Chambers, Nancy Bell Scott, Jay Block, Carina Granlund… Plus More!

As bad as things are, I have received some outstanding mail art including these stamp sets from Keith Chambers' Dada Centennial Collection. Not available in any store they are a lovely achievement in homage to both stamps and dada if a person can pay homage to dada. That does sound like it should be illegal. A coupla close ups.…


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Elsa von Freytag-loringhoven and The Keys Family Experience

Elsa von Freytag-loringhoven, long dead, sent me this instructional manual on how not to draw a cat as well as an invitation to friend this jolly Brooklyn realtor (done and done). Elsa's quotes are reprinted here for the benefit of those who, like me, have trouble seeing: "Why isn't Santa Fe in Arizona?" A very good question, Elsa and one I'm looking into.…


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The Red Balloon Assignment

Some of you may have received an envelope that contained a red balloon with instructions? This is my version. I liked how it turned out for the most part though I look more like a hunch-backed Freddy Krueger than I'd like. (My stylist gave me bad instructions.) Anyway, just before I got the assignment I had scanned this wonderful old illustration from a 1937 Popular Mechanic magazine. Suddenly it all clicked. However, in order to make the illustration come alive I had to invest $34 in a…


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From Down Under

Remember that old song: South of Waitpinga? Me neither. Vizma sent me this highly caffeinated envelope which I was afraid to open for two days. Finally I got up the courage…

Yes, friends, it's true...she has stolen my…


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A Tour de Force from Svenja Wahl

Svenja sent this amazingly generous boekie filled with her witty collages and all wrapped in an old Kodak picture folder from Tacoma, Washington. That's like gold inside of gold. Thank you so much, Svenja.…


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