Iver Zinaver


Lafayette Hill, PA

United States

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A meditative act
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9 Robin Lane
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444


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  • Bruno Cassaglia

    Grazie Iver!!! un fraterno abbraccio cb@

  • Ifé Niklaus

    Thanks Iver !!!
    Mail Art is definitely a MEDITATIVE act (to me too!)
    I'm curious about your ambassade d'Utopia !!!!
    (I'm trying to upload some of my stuff here, but nothings works...)
  • Amanda Becerra

    Thank you so much for the awesome mail! I love the shell and the texture of the blue paper.

  • Mah Nu

    Thank you very much for the wonderful postage stamp art and intricate envelope! uploading it to my iuoma blog tonight! Replying back this weekend

  • Mah Nu

    Hi Iver! Thank you very much for the two pieces of mail I have recently received from you!! Love the postage stamp art! I have uploaded the first mail to my IUOMA blog and will upload the second piece of mail soon. Also will be sending someback your way this week~

    Mah Nu