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I love to share the things I've made, found and appreciated. And I wonder what people have to share with me. I have a fondness for paper and art you are allowed to touch.
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Francis Lammé
Tulpstraat 92
4101 GN Culemborg
The Netherlands

Comment Wall:

  • Richard BAUDET

    welcome Francis ! 

  • Carien van Hest

    My pleasure, Francis! Geweldig om van jou ook zo snel een uitgebreide mail art te krijgen. Zoveel om te ontdekken en te lezen. En de allereerste Feel Mail, zo leuk. Super bedankt!

  • Motherbrando

    Flying spaghetti monster is on its way to you with a few xtra bits. 

  • Richard BAUDET

    hello Francis !  

  • carl baker


    now we are friendly,

    i will send MA soon,


  • Mail Art Martha

    Voorpret? I cannot think of an English equivalent but I will keep thinking. In the meantime I anticipate with much voorpret to our future correspondence.

    You say you love paper, so do I but also love painting with light in the computer. That graphic you have for your profile photo is so atmospheric, so evocative that I am there with you in the next seat.

  • Mah Nu

    Thank you very much for the mail art I recently received from you! Such thoughtful note about my art space :) I appreciate it so much and look forward to corresponding!

  • Bruno Cassaglia

  • Luís Filipe Gomes

    Viva Francis Lammé. 

    I'll send you something soon.