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I love to create things - but even more than that I like to share the things I make. I love the inspiration that comes from receiving art from others, and nothing beats the experience of holding actual art (as opposed to just looking at electronic images,say). I like having 'treats' to look forward to - and receiving mail art is a big treat for me. I get huge joy from imagining how my art is travelling, and how it will be received when it arrives. It makes me smile.
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46 Bergview Road
Kwa Zulu Natal
South Africa

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  • Alan Brignull

    Mail in?

  • David Stafford

    Uh oh. Years of toiling in ignominious anonymity finally come to an end.

  • Kim JungYoun

    Thanks for your mail in advance.
    I'm visiting California again with my mom now. :)

  • Solimini Renata


  • Madison June Daniels

    Hello!  I apologize for the address confusion; I have moved several times in the last year or so.  My current address in in Tucson, AZ and is posted in my updated profile!  See you in the mail :)

  • David Stafford

    Looking forward with great expectation.

  • Gail Anderson

    Looking forward to your card and will let you know when I receive it.  I will get a card out in tomorrow's mail to you.  Hope that you'll like it!

  • Keith S. Chambers

    Yea! Okay, I'll have to work on a care package for you.

  • Carina

    Thanks Petrolpetal!

  • Lynne Gurnee

    Oh, yay!  Looking forward to it.  I'm guessing about 10 days  (-:


  • John M. Bennett

    Hi Petropetal - my address

    John M. Bennett

    137 Leland Ave. 43214 USA


  • stan askew

    thanks for your visit, Petropetal ... who's mailing what ???

  • Alan Brignull

    Ditto, yesterday. Synchronicity!

  • Bruno Cassaglia

    Grazie ti abbraccio W LA MAIL ART!  p@

  • Bruno Cassaglia

  • Dominic Shore

    I lost the poetry book you sent me. Where can I purchase a new one?

  • Frieder Speck

    Your mail is lost I think  I´m very sorry nothing arrived, But I will try it the other way from Germany to south africa these days

    Greetings Frieder

  • Sara Marie Niday

    Hi, I'm replying to your comment nearly three years later. Sorry for the delay. I decided I couldn't prioritize mail art during college, but now I would like to get into it.

    Thanks for watching my videos! I have made them private because if I ever get back into vlogging I would want it to be of a better quality. I might go for podcasting instead as I find cameras to be tricky.

    I'll be adding your address to my list so I can send you something when I get around to making some things. If you would like my address, you could PM me (if that is a thing - I haven't navigated the site much yet).

    All the best!

  • Rho Wilson

    Hello, I have not received whatever it was you sent back in July as yet...

  • Jessie

    I hope all is well with you!

  • David Drum

    Have not received what you sent. Hope you are well. David Drum

  • Thomas Pratt

    Hi, I`m off the mail art circuit since I lost everything I owned in the Santa Rosa, California fires. 25 years of art gone. I`m struggling to get back to creating again but it`s hard. Sorry I lost your mail art. Be well, Thomas

  • Cascadia Artpost


    Good to hear from you again. The Cascadia Artpost address: 3116 Moore Street SE, Olympia, WA 98501-3517. Please send some mail art and we will reciprocate in the new year. New developments include the expansion and anticipated opening of the post office in the Cascadia Diorama, the advent of Cascadia Coffee Clutch, and the "Ticket! Ticket!" project in the first quarter of 2020 to turn tickets and ephemera into artistamps, with all contributors receiving one or more sheets of stamps (send me your tickets, receipts, ephemera if you wish to be part of the series). ~ All the best, Jack @ Cascadia Artpost

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin


    I sent you a request and provided my address.

    Glad to see you online!

  • claire humphrys-hunt

    I look forward to your art. Ive got 2 in my collection so far

  • Sabela Baña

    Hola my adress: Sabela Baña

                            C/Posse nº 28-1º E

                             15009 A Coruña


    Thanks. I Hope you mail art.

  • p. stellaria

    excited 2 receive mail! will reciprocate soon :)

  • carl baker

    yes,yes, i look forward to yr mail,

    i will return mail soon,

    happy new year!

  • stan askew

    thank you - I will do the same!  Happy New Year !!!

  • irene ronchetti

    Hi! OK , when the mail arrives, i will let you know



  • Sabrina S

    Thank you, I am lookin forward to it! I'll send something in the next weeks, too. :)

  • Jeremy Ng

    Thank you! I will send you a card shortly. I hope that you have checked my page and sent it to the address on my page. I am no longer living in Brompton (the address that you sent an envelope to me in 2014). Thanks 

  • stan askew

    sent something your way, a few days ago.  cheers ~ stan

  • maha

    thanks waiting and will update you

  • Amy Kiessling

    Thank you Petrolpetal for reaching out. I'm new and sort of going down the IUOMA rabbit hole. It's fun, but I need to take all this inspiration and start cutting, pasting, drawing, painting and sending myself!  I look forward to receiving your mail! This will be my first official mail from a Union member! Looking forward to getting something created for you over the weekend.  Amy K 

  • Nancy Nosegay

    Thanks so much for your welcoming message! I've added a snail mail address to my profile now. It's:

    Nancy Nosegay
    P.O. Box 18194
    Portland, OR 97218


  • Bonniediva

    Hey Petrolpetal, I'd love to exchange art with you! I do collage and send bits and add/passes. Do you do add/passes? Bonniediva

  • DianeKeys

    So see you again!

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Welcome back to IUOMA, Petropetal!

    You can find more than 500 addresses at Lisa's "dicussion" site here:

    Mail Artists Addresses?

  • Toni Antonetti

    Looking forward to it! Will send you something too!

  • FromMNQ

    Thank you for your mail art with the sleeping man on it. A card to you will go out next week!

  • Fast Eyes

    What a great surprise- thanks so much!
  • p. stellaria

    killer queen! mail received! will reciprocate soonly :)

  • Carmela Rizzuto

    Petrolpetal, Received your imaginative mail art card, Thank you! Will be posting it soon.

    PS: Welcome back to the Mail Art community at iuoma.

  • Jeremy Ng

    Hi Petrolpetal, I have received your mail art a while ago. Thank you so much! I will mail something back. Happy International Mail Art Day!, Jeremy

  • Jayne Barket Lyons

    Hi Petrolpetal - Thanks for the mail art. It landed in early February, but it came damaged! Read my blog post:

  • Vero Reeves

    Thank you for the mail art! I loved it so much I made a video of opening it! (on my page).

    I am a little slow, but will be sending soon!


    Dispersal Collective

  • Lucky Pierre

    Hello! I am not frequently here @ IUOMA, so I only just saw your note from December - but yes, I am still sending mail art!
  • ArtbyJac

    i sent you some as well back in February. your piece was very cool! please keep in touch

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Hello, Petrolpetal. I already sent you my collage in the mail earlier. Did you get this collage?

    Some countries have now restricted the reception of mail from abroad. This is a serious problem for Mail art.

    How are things in your country? We have strict self-isolation in our city.