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South Africa

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The first mail art exhibition in South Africa will be held at ArtSpace in Durban, opening 15th October 2012 (D.V). Please send mail - I will reply too - greetings from the bottom of the world... :-)X
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Cheryl Penn
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  • Lancillotto Bellini

    Hi, Cheryl,

    enjoy your B-day!


  • Susan McAllister

    Cheryl, have a fabulous birthday!
  • Karin Greenwood

    Hi Cheryl, so happy they arrived, and so happy they arrived on your Birthday. I hope you have had a wonderful day . "Happy Birthday" and many more!!!


  • Alicia Starr

    "Today you are you!
    That is truer than true!
    There is no one alive...

    Happy Birthday To You!

    ...who is you-er than you!


  • Marie Wintzer

    Joyeux anniversaire!! XXX

  • Nancy Bell Scott

    It's your birthday, just found out -- H A P P Y   B I R T H-D A Y  to you!!! In that case ignore the work question I wrote you before. Just have a great day. May it be filled with light.

  • Amy Irwen

    Cheyrl...happy, happy day *!*

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    OPA! Happy Birthday, Cheryl! Have a great day...

    want some birthday cake? :-)

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Some music? And many gifts for you!

  • De Villo Sloan

    I dropped your cake.

    Representational Trashpo - 2

  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    I baked another one, yummy choco glam!

    Happy, happy!

  • Carlos Steward

    Thanks for the friend add, i look forward to seeing your submission(s)


  • Claire (aka Cleo)

    Happy Happy Cheryl! Enjoy!

  • Medwolf

    Greetings from Saskatchewan Canada~

  • Judy Skolnick

    I sent you a mailing of David Stones new poetry and his translations and a card.  I hope it comes by next week.

  • Valentine Mark Herman

    Goede morgen en Groete uit Frankrijk!

    Hi, Cheryl! Many thanks for the Ad Hoc Paper Stained Glass Window(s) and the poem. They are very nice indeed, and I do like theb texture and feel of the works.

    It's hot, and I'm goiçng to the beach soon, but when --or if ever -- I get back I will mail you something.

    Hope you are well. Thanks again and regards, Val

  • DKeys

    phenomenal! Thank you for sharing this I'm 'puffed' up as you would say that she is using attitude girl!!

  • Samuel Montalvetti

  • Hélène LAGACHE

  • Marcela Peral

    Hi Cheryl!

    I´ve sent my pages for your zine... I hope they arrive soon :)

  • Rebecca Guyver

    HI Cheryl, two batches! Which ones arrived?

  • Rebecca Guyver

    I have just seen which pages came.  Thank you for posting them... so much work (for you)! The other pages will come and you can decide if they fit in with your zine 4, in a way they might.  I am just relieved that something arrived.XXX

  • Suus in Mokum

    That is good news! So we still can trust the postal services from Holland to South Africa ;))

  • Claire (aka Cleo)

    ^_^ and thanks for all your effort & the great idea! I'll be working on my book this month... (now i know 2 weeks to you. was a bit worried...mail takes quite a while to get there...)

  • rodnidotcom

    All Cut Up - beautiful book... hope you don't mind the heavy metal. Could you use this kind of 3d piece for your upcoming show, i wonder; really want to mail one.

  • Rebecca Guyver

    Cheryl, was in Boston at the Fogg art museum yesterday.  Saw this and thought of you.  In case you don't know it, it's a tribute to Augusta Savage by Kara Walker.

  • Rebecca Guyver

    Love your 'Authentic Massacre of the Innocent Image series #7' I love the way the back side of the front cover leads me to the title, the words, the figurative bits that I can grasp and begin the story with, the poetry, the smell, the texture, its insistence. I see some things that I suspect you didn't intend... for example the shape of a mother and child on the back inside cover.  And I love the energy.  I am absolutely delighted to have your book!

  • Mikhail Pogarsky

    Thank you! I am very glad!

  • Carina

    Thanks Cheryl - You have always such generous comments!  :))

    Glad to hear it has arrived.

  • Medwolf

    got your mail art cards today Cheryl~thank you kindly they are wonderful

  • Rebecca Guyver

    Cheryl, your Beautiful 'was supposed to be automatic writing' (glad it isn't, although maybe it is?) arrived!  LOVE IT. Will scan etc ASAP.  Guess the other pages that I mailed at the same time as the ones you received weeks ago will never arrive... disappointed, but over the fact that i hand-sewed each one and DON'T want you to wait.  I sent off that other thing, so let me know when it arrives!

  • Karin Greenwood

    Hi Cheryl, just to say a very big thanks for the lovely book just received. You really did a sterling job. This is my first mail art book as such that i have got, love it. Your work is really so good aswell. Will send something soon. Take care, Karin xxx

  • David Repunto

    Good work Cheryl!!!

  • Susan McAllister

    Thanks for the Dream Flakes. Very beautiful.
  • yves maraux

  • Henning Mittendorf

    Fine, thanks and best greetings, dear Cheryl!

    Yesterday I saw your dragon among the 503 other ones in the vernissage in Lindenfels. To little time to see and assimilate all works. Angela and I, we will have to go there once more in normal times, i. e. when there are no visitors wanting - thank God - to discuss mail art, but - alas - with the only present mail artist ... me. But the way to Lindenfels for us it is a longer trip...

    Warm greetings HeMi

  • Deanna Fountain

    HI C~ Thank-you for confirming the arrival of 'Harvest' I was wondering if it might have been re-harvested at the post-office LOL.  D

  • De Villo Sloan

    Hi, I re-blogged your Trashbook at M-L with a slightly different spin. Again, many thanks.

  • Frieder Speck

    Your magazine came, great work Thank you alot!!

  • Bifidus Jones

    Seeing this in my mailbox really made my day. Edition 2 is fantastic--some really dynamite pages! Thanks, Cheryl for all that you do.

  • Arac

    You made my week with the World is a Town zine .  I was slightly intimidated but I'm so so glad I didn't chicken out, I would've hated not getting this.  I'm thinking about my next zine page now, I realize double sided is key and will fix this with my next submission.  Thank-you so much for dedicating the time, work and stamps required to pull these together, it's awesome!!! xo

  • Claire (aka Cleo)

    I received my copy of Zine3! I am so very - just: Wow! You've really put something wondrous together with these zines Cheryl - thank you so very, very much for all that you do!

  • Claire (aka Cleo)

    hey Cheryl, I've been working on the creation/construction of this book-object so obsessively all month long, that you're on my mind frequently - quite a bit daily actually... As a result, I had a dream about you last night. It was re mail as I have no idea what you actually look like...%_^)

    I just realized when I looked again last night that you had enclosed some of you own ma w/ the zine - I really like it - thank you so much cherel!

    Also: I thought I could mail the book expedited Monday, but it doesn't look like I'll finish in time after all... Save it for next year I guess...

    Be creative and well!

  • olgacorrales

    hola te dejo la invitacion para participar del proyecto arte postal-Por la no violencia hacia las mujeres,saludos cordiales olga

  • Medwolf

    Got your 2nd mail art package today Cheryl.. thank you I love it

  • Rebecca Guyver

    Went to Frieze Art Fair (in London) yesterday and saw this.

    Thought Cheryl Penn!  

  • Susanna Lakner

    Dear Cheryl,

    many thanks for the wonderfull artistsbook and the great new pages to 22!

    Do you received your copy of 25/22?

  • Susanna Lakner

    Dear Cheryl,

    thank you to share with us the great catalog!

  • PIRO

    Hi Cheryl

    Thanks for the Bday wishes, :)