Pacific Northwest Mail Artists

This group is for mail artists in the northwest corner of the U.S. and British Columbia.  Exchange mail art with your region's artists and maybe meet in person.  We are planning quarterly meetings in the Seattle area where we will make mail art together and share what we are working on, as well as some favorite pieces we have received.  We'll also share tips and techniques.  Put a face to the name on the envelope!

  • Jan Hodgman

    It's so fun to meet in person people we've corresponded with for years, in some cases. Hope to connect with more PNW folk.

  • Megan

    Thanks for making this group Amy!! Apologies I’ve been out of the mail art game for too long. Too much work travel. Heading to Colombia next week. I’ll try to get something out to you one of these days! Hope to make some nice PNW art friends here!
  • Carmela Rizzuto

    Thanks for organizing this group. I don't qualify as a member by definition of PNW, but I do visit the area. Who knows? I may stop in to visit with the group. My next visit is to check out the Confluence Project--I'm a big fan of Maya Lin's installations.

  • Amy Candiotti

    Carmen - thanks for the links!  And welcome to the group.

  • Esther Artizta

    Thanks for starting the group. I've enjoyed our meetings. I look forward to meeting other mail artists in the PNW. I haven't posted on IUOMA lately. However, I am posting on Mail Art365: 

  • Amy Candiotti

    Hello Mailartists!

    We have Mailart Congress on 2/3 (Monday) 10am -12:30pm at Northgate Library. (10548 Fifth Ave. N.E. , Seattle, WA 98125).

    Here are few thoughts: -If you received awesome or unique mailart, bring to share. -If you have extra mailart or art supplies that you don’t need, bring them to see if someone else can make use of it. Bring them in a shoebox or a bag to share. -Making quick black and white collage postcards together (Yayoi will bring some markers, collage papers etc to share. Bring your glue stick, scissors, rubber stamps, magazines, old book pages, etc.) - let’s decide on next meeting three months out around May time frame. Do you want to contribute showing art ideas we can do together? These are the ideas I can think about...if you have other ideas please add.

    Also, as this will be shorter meeting, do you want to go to LUNCH after the meeting? Some suggestions of the restaurants are on the next post. Take a look to see if any of these sounds good to you. They are all close from the Northgate library.

  • Amy Candiotti

    Possible lunch venues for post-mailart meeting:

    Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
    4.5  (1,088) · $$ · Ramen
    319 NE Thornton Pl
    Casual-chic stop for Tokyo-style noodles
    Thai Fusion Bistro
    3.7  (145) · $$ · Thai
    323 NE Thornton Pl · In Thornton Place
    Modern option for classic cooking
    Jewel Box Cafe
    4.2  (663) · $ · Restaurant
    321 NE Thornton Pl · In Thornton Place
    Coffeehouse with a fireplace & a patio

  • Melanie Reed

    I'm delighted to find out about this group, and look forward to the next meeting, whenever it may occur. Keep the art flame alive! - Melanie

  • Amy Candiotti

    Hello PNW mail artists!  Since we will not be able to meet in early May as we were thinking at our last meeting, what do you think of each person posting something about what they are working on?  How has staying at home impacted your mail art creation? 

  • Melanie Reed

    Sounds good to me! Staying at home actually INSPIRED me to start making mail art in the first place! I needed a project to keep me busy, and it occurred to me to ask about mail art organizations. It's also actually a logical direction for my creative process and values, and I plan to continue, even after things open up again. 

  • Olena Spicer

    Hello, everybody. Just wanted to say a quick hello. I have been on IUOMA for about 4 months now. I have enjoyed corresponding with you during this time. I look forward to meeting in person some day, too! 

  • M.L. Stephens

    New member!  

    M.L. Stephens

    1830 23rd St NE

    Salem, OR 97301

  • Jan Hodgman

    Won't it be great when we can meet in person as the Pacific Northwest Mail Artists someday? we were just getting into the spirit of it when COVID shut us down. We will rise again!!!!!!