"WHO KNEW MICHAEL VOO DOO?" is the question that appeared on the edge of an envelope that I received from Adam Roussopoulos (detail pictured to the left), and after finding out just a handful of facts, I'd like to know more about this enigmatic mail artist.

Michael Voo Doo was a prolific mid-1980s to 90s  mail artist/collagist situated in Lake Park, FL.

Within the bounds of the TOS (Terms of Service for the Ning), it would be wonderful to have recollections of Michael Voo Doo posted in this discussion, along with examples of his work -- which was described as macabre on one website.

Factsheet Five 39 (1990 Dec) reported him in their mailart News list in the following manner:

•Weird stuff continues to emanate from Michael Voodoo (PO Box 12461, Lake Park, FL 33403), now including snazzy business cards to go along with his disturbing and enigmatic collages.

So who out there knew Michael Voo Doo? Please let us know!

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  • Ruud Janssen

  • Ruud Janssen

  • Darlene Altschul

    Michael VooDoo and I began a snail mail exchange in 1984 which evolved into a friendship that continues to this day.

    I have hundreds of Michael VooDoo postcards, collages and personal letters in my archives.
    Michael has a large archive of mail art  including  items from Carlo Pittore, Bern Porter and David Zack.
    He continues to be creative and productive.  
    You can check out his blog:
    Darlene Altschul
    aka Tarzana Savannah
    aka DKA POST