IUOMA membership Cards

When you have received a IUOMA membership Card, what can you do with it? what did you achieve with it? This also goes for older cards. In this groups visuals and also stories on how the cards can be used.Also visions.....
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  • Heleen de Vaan

    You had a good reason to look happy! Love that photo :-)

    I am amazed about the colours, it makes me think of the 60ies, early 70ies, but I think this membership card must be from the 80ies, is it?

  • Mail Art Martha

    I do  not remember, I never remember dates Heleen. It was pre Interent I think as I know it came by post. It was on card and I cannot find it.

    May be Ruud can throw light on it!

  • Mail Art Martha

    Ruud, calling  Ruud, help! Please! Can you remember when did you send these cards around?