RAK's (Random acts of Kindness)

I noticed there was no group for this, and I thought that there should be because it is nice to wake up to an envelope of goodies without knowing it was coming. You can also post wishes on this page - things you would like to receive to give people an idea of what they could send you.
Comment with your address - (and your wishes)

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  • Callie 'CreaTEAvity' Carling

    What a wonderful idea ... can't wait to start going through my stash to share some RAKs!

    My address:

    Callie Carling

    130 Lambton Road


    SW20 0TJ


    I adore vintage papers and photographs, unusual used stamps, fae (unicorns, fairies etc.) + anything to do with horses, plus old foreign clippings and pages from scientific journals (ahhh! my inner geek is shining through) ... but I'd be pretty much thrilled to receive ANYTHING ephemera-related


  • Gretchen Brautigan

    Hi gang, im going through a horrible time with a reoccurring cancer and once again going through chemo. If anyone has a momement to send me something to make me laugh, id greatly appreciate it and i will certainly send you some things from my stash!  Thanks!

  • Jan Hodgman

    Here's a wonderful piece from Yayoi in Washington state, like me. The color is really gorgeous:

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    Oh Dear Gretchen, I just saw your note. All my loving thoughts go to you now. Plus I'll see what I can find in the way of funnies! Blessings and healing!

  • Karalie

    What a great idea! Would love to brighten someone's day!

    My favorite quote: "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you." ~Princess Diana

    Karalie Vest

    623 South Molalla Avenue

    Molalla, Oregon 97038


    Surprises are always fun, but I love collecting recipes (if it's a favorite of yours, even better!!), stickers, washi tape, pointed pen nibs, & quotes written in calligraphy. 

  • Karalie

     THANK YOU to "me" for this treasure of goodies! This came on the perfect day (crazy day at work). Excited to get an envelope in the mail that wasn't a bill; simple, brown, nothing too fancy... AND THEN I OPENED IT!! Totally made my day! 

  • Susan Barton

    This is an AWESOME idea! I Love it :)

    Susan Barton

    2619 Newton Circle West

    Irving, Texas 75062

    I love quirky vintage photos with unexpected additions added. Think "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children", handmade postcards, washi tape, hand-made embellishments, ATCs and other do-dads...basically I love everything :-)

  • Suzanne Jarvis

    RAK - Love this whole Concept 

    Suzanne Jarvis 

    529461 Reids Hill

    RR2 Ravenna 

    Ontario Canada 


  • Jan Hodgman

    A great mysterious card from Suzanne Jarvis, "welcome to My World":

  • Jan Hodgman

    A fabulous textural card from Genova, Lorella Castagnini, entitled "Landscape." I'm inspired!

  • Karalie

    Thank you to the lovely person who mailed me a recipe for gingerbread! This looks delicious! I can't wait to try it! mmmmm..... 

  • already mild neon

    Everyone swears its the best gingerbread - hope you enjoy it!

  • Karalie

    Aw, thank you already mild neon!
  • Shelly Tracy

    Thank you, Deb Douglas, for the 'envelope of fun'.  Today is my day off, so I'll be putting my goodies to good use...s

  • Jan Hodgman


    Another piece from Yayoi. I love this piece, as with all of Yayoi's. Many thanks!

  • Jan Hodgman

    PS I may have that one oriented wrong, but it probably can't really go wrong in any direction!

  • Jan Hodgman

    I'll post this sampling of an envelope rich with goodness from carl baker---many thanks! I can use these for future MAILART 365 pieces!

  • Deb Douglas

    Great package from Shelly in Arkansas was in my post box when I returned from out of the country! Thanks Shelly for all the beautiful papers. Don't you miss the Canadian from Victoria who closed up shop, I see you had some of her paper.

  • Jan Hodgman

    a wonderful card from PASCAL--on the foil piece is written "Je Brille":

  • Jan Hodgman

    from Deb Douglas, some fabulousness to use in my MAILART 365 peregrinations!

  • Jan Hodgman

    Here's a great card that came in from Kit Gonzales Moore, many thanks!

    Front and back:

  • Jan Hodgman

    This group seems to go in a few different directions, all welcome, I think. Often I post art I receive here that doesn't seem to fit other boards, or that comes out of the "blue." And many people put up their addresses with requests, which is the receiving end of RAK, it seems! Now to just mail that out, too, when we're so moved.

  • Susan Barton

    I'm blown away by the handmade envelope of AWESOMENESS I received in today's mail. Thank you SO MUCH to the wonderful person who took the time to create and mail me these beautiful happy mail (I kind of think I know who it's from). You truly made my day happy! I'll definitely be making very good use of everything :)

  • Susan Barton

    Yes! Somehow I knew it was you, Gin. You are fantabulously awesome. Thank you so much! xoxo!! <3

  • Kayenderes

    I would love to receive a RACK.  I live in country side on reservation and no one here does these kinds of things through mail.  I am home bound and rely only on mail.  If you know of people who can share with me please ask them to contact me.  I love any kinds of mail things.  Thank you so for this idea.    Hope I hear form a few. 

  • carl baker


  • Kayenderes

    Please does anyone have anything to send me about David Bowie as RAK?  I would return something in return.  thank you

    Kayenderes    PO Box 384  27 Sweet Grass Lane  Akwesasne  QC  H0M 1A0

    Kayenderes   PO Box 1077  Hogansburg,  NY   13655  USA

    I have two good addresses.   thank you so.  

  • Maria Gallardo

    So great to find a RAKs group (love sending but it would be great to receive too) :-) 

    Maria Gallardo

    PoBox 1891 San Pedro

    Montes de Oca 02050

    San José, Costa Rica


    Ps... Love handmade art (in any form or technique), supplies (any, even leftovers), textile related, any!

  • Judy Staroscik

    Judy Staroscik

    825 Dunraven Drive

    Manchester, MO  63021

    I love to receive homemade envelopes that I can use to send my mail art to others in the IUOMA!!!

  • Susan Barton

    A lovely package of mail art goodness arrived in my mailbox today. What a wonderfully uplifting surprise. I posted a photo on my page, but here it is again.

    Thank you so much to the kind person who thought of me :)

  • carl baker

  • Judy Staroscik

  • Judy Staroscik

    Thanks so much to the lovely person that sent me these beautiful envelopes that I received today!  I just love them and I can't wait to use them for my Mail Art.  Your kindness is greatly appreciated.  (I also got a free SBX today from the guy in front of me in the drive thru line.)  What a nice day!!!!

    Love, JUDY and JOEY

  • heather miller

  • heather miller

    Good Morning all you creative pees

    I haven't been on this site for ages and the only excuse is that i have made a huge move to  different province in SA, started a new job and generally keeping my head above water! BUT... i survived the year and I am keen to get back into Mail Art. I would love to receive art in the mail and I promise to reciprocate.

    If you are that person/s, my address is

    Heather Watts Miller

    335 Peak Road

    Pringle Bay 


    Western Cape

    South Africa

    I look forward to hearing from you. Light and love


  • Richard BAUDET

    Sent  ---RAK's ....

  • Kit Gonzales Moore

    I've been checking out the different groups and all of a sudden had a "lightbulb" moment when I came to this one.  Months ago I received an incredible envelope full of great stuff.  No return address on it.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of artsy things within this gift.  I didn't know who to thank.  I did post a "thank you" on the general page but now I know it was from someone in this group.  So, again, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.  I am still making things with the supplies you sent me!

  • Heide Monster

    I have a handful of wildflower post cards, if anyone can use them.

  • carl baker

    give some, get some^^^^^

  • carl baker

    yes carolyn, i have the same complaint,

    i put alot of work into my mail-art and often hear nothing,

    just let us know u got it by iuoma message.

  • Erin Young

    I've received a few envelopes in the mail, with either no name and return address. Also, the mail I've received doesn't say if it's RAK from iuoma or just happy mail from other groups I'm in.. I'd like to thank those who send to me but don't know where to direct it. 

  • Jules S

    A very belated thank you to someone for this special RAK! It was full of all sorts of neat ephemera, some of which I've already put to use.

  • Wendi Powell

    I love this idea! Where do I get addresses from? Just here on the site?

  • Toni Hanner -- tonipoet

    I received a lovely batch of "stuff" -- papers, circles, a big red leaf, from someone postmarked Denver. Thanks, whoever you are!

  • carl baker

    dear friends........

  • carl baker

    random act of mail-art arrived today, it is an envelope with no name or return address, thats silly, mail art is about exchange, please supply return information, but i did like what it said, "a totally random act of  insouciance"postmarked denver colo. anyone think who this might be??

  • Richard Canard

    20.12.18 Dare Ms. Noma  & Mister Carl Baker,  ...& in regard to the" random act of mail art": I agree with you Carl B.----  but at the same time it seems that it may also  fit the bill as stated initially by Miss Noma:  " & BE SURE NOT TO ADD YR RETURN ADDRESS THEN IT IS TRULY A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS..." Mail art covers a wide range of human activity & to specify or label with specific standards would only serve to limit  or hinder the creative human spirit. I've been involved in mail art activity over 50 years now & am pleased to say that as of present--- I have yet to see it all & or witness  all  the possibilities. SinCelery, Richard Canard

  • carl baker

    a random act of valentiness/

  • carl baker

  • carl baker

    canadapost posr card 2021.