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  • Bruno Cassaglia

    belle immagini!  GRAZIE! ti abbraccio , b

    nice pictures! THANK YOU! I hug you, b

  • Ilya Semenenko-Basin

    Raphael, I'll add a bit of dystopian 20th century grandeur. A spillway is a hydraulic structure designed to release excess water from a reservoir. Water is discharged when there is a threat of overflowing in the reservoir due to flooding, heavy rainfall, etc. The photo shows the Yakhroma spillway, one of the structures on the Moskva-Volga Canal. This canal was dug by prisoners in the thirties of the 20th century.

    Artist Vadim Mellin is standing next to the spillway and painting a sketch. The photo was taken in 1945. The architectural structure shows damage from recent battles.

    Photo from our family archive. (The artist Mellin lived for thirty years in a common-law relationship with my great-aunt; their marriage was not formalised on paper, but they were together for a long time).

  • Bruno Cassaglia

    Ancora Grazie!