Green Scapular

Unexpectedly I recieved a green scapular today. Did more of IUOMA members got one? I noticed that there is a group concerning the green scapular, but there isn't a founder of this group... 

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    Mim Golub Scalin

    Hello Carien

    i received one also

    Mark Rosmiller had them sent to us. 

    He is on iuoma and Facebook under

    several names. 

    I am not Catholic, in fact, I’m areligious. 
    ive communicated that to Mark so he won’t 

    send other religious items to me. 



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      i got one too. 

      thanks, mim, for letting us know the source.

      green IS my favorite color, so i was wondering who here would know that... as with so much else, just coincidence after all. 

      it's hard for me to take this kind of stuff seriously, even though i regularly sport a St. Christopher's medallion i got years and years ago at Notre Dame.

      i'll stick with the old mantra: Let It Be

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        i got one too.  strangely it was postmarked from front royal VA, and it arrived one day before i was planning to be in front royal VA for the first time in my life!  ookey spookey.