Tried to test my LIX 3D pen today (May 28th 2016), but it wasn’t succesful. All I managed was to start the pen, see a strange green colour filament come out. Insert black filament that never came out…………   Strange noises from the motor. So not a working pen at all.

2016-05-28 16.15.27

1. Green filament came out when I started (what is done with the pen?).  Seems it was used before.

2. Black ABS Fillament was inserted, but nothing came out. Motor made funny noises and when black filament was completely inside, nothing came out. The lenght of the Filament sticks is loonger then the pen, so somethings went wrong for sure!

3. Getting out Fillament succeeded, but a piece was still inside, Also the filament stick was tormented, and the motor must have done that.

4. Retried loading it a few times (always with a clean stick of filament), but it doen t work.

5. One of the black buttons came off, and I was able to but it back in place, but it seems to jam now and then (fault construction)

2016-05-28 16.15.34

6. After 4 attepts I gave up. I made a photo of the sticks as they are damaged afterv the attempt to insert it.  Never something of the filament came out, so the extruder must be jamed, or have a fault construction.

2016-05-28 16.15.58

What is the next step? Can you deliver a working pen? If I return this not-working pen, how do I know you are able to send a working pen. So far I read about people with the same experience. I have 3D pens from other brands that work fine for hours. Yours didn’t yet do anything…….