nonlocal variable's Groups (21)

  • Mission of Dadaland

    23 members Latest Activity: May 23

    I noticed there is no any embassy of Dadaland, so I appoint myself as Chief of Mission of Dadaland. Where…

  • Fluxus

    22 members Latest Activity: Mar 14

    post your Fluxus - remix/collaborate with others

  • Triangles

    50 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Welcome to the TRIANGLES group. No circles here, but three sides. Outside your envelope, inside your envelope, or even triangle postcards.

  • [F]luxus Embassy

    140 members Latest Activity: May 1

    A group for Fluxus Artists who sometimes also do Mail-Art.

  • Tristan Da Cunha Permanent Exibition Supporting Group

    98 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Helping to Start a Permanent exhibition on the Island most 

    Far and isolated on  the planet 




    31 members Latest Activity: May 12

    one [1]: the founding of a post neoist research project

    two [2]: neoism versus post neoism discuss

    three [3]: refine…

  • Dada Poetry

    33 members Latest Activity: Mar 9

    Dada poetry exchange group.

    How to Make a Dadaist Poem
    (method of Tristan…

  • FLUXfish

    78 members Latest Activity: 9 hours ago

    Any and All Fish Themed Mail.

  • Mail-Art Cow group

    85 members Latest Activity: May 25

    There are a lot of Mail-Art cows out there in the network. In this group I try to collect all the images and…

  • Fluxus Bucks Creators

    93 members Latest Activity: Feb 13 'Fluxus Buck' is an artistic project from Julie Jefferies aka. ex posto facto (U.S.A.) which she started in 1994. A 'Fluxus Buck' is an artists'…

  • ThE/ CuT-UP/ TecHNiQUE/

    89 members Latest Activity: Mar 15 "Cut up or shut up"
    "When you cut into the present...
    the future leaks out."

  • Oregonians in Mail-Art

    10 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    If you'd like to exchange mail-art with other Oregonians, sign up here. I think there are about a dozen of us at this point (March 2016)

  • Pacific Northwest Mail Artists

    17 members Latest Activity: May 9

    This group is for mail artists in the northwest corner of the U.S. and British Columbia.  Exchange mail art with your region's artists and maybe…

  • ArtiStamps Creators

    328 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    A Group for all that love and make artistamps. Stories, concepts, special issues, All there is to know

  • US Embassy

    79 members Latest Activity: Feb 13

    A group for US members and US friendly members who are interested in discussing mail art related to US postal things, US mail art calls and…

  • Ray Johnson (1927-1995)

    91 members Latest Activity: Apr 4

    A group for remembering Ray Johnson.


    RIP-  Ray Johnson October 16, 1927 - January 13, 1995. This group was…


    333 members Latest Activity: May 28

    The Embassy of Utopia and "E" started this group … We would like to reconstitute the totality of sheets "brain cell" since N°1. For the archives…


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