Want to do a Round Robin?

Here are the rules:

1. Create or buy a journal with at least 8 pages.

2. In the front of the book, put your name and address.

3. Doodle or tangle on 2 pages.

4. Send it to your partner. (You will always send to this partner, so don't lose the address) ;-) ... (Don't forget to make the envelope pretty, so the mail man gets to see mail art!!)

5. When you receive a journal in the mail, doodle or tangle on 2 pages and send it to your partner, again.

6. At the end of 4 rounds, you should receive back a cute little journal with 8 pages of doodles!

If you want to join, please put your name on the list. As soon as we get enough, I will assign partners.

Member A always sends to Member B

Member B always sends to Member C

Member C always sends to Member D

Member D always sends to Member A

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I will be Member A to start this off...

Prairie Kittin

2870 NE Hogan Rd, Ste E, #410

Gresham, OR 97030 USA

I'm interested ... could you post some pictures on handmade paper





These are just a few examples. Basically, it's just doodling... or, if you're stuck, you can pick a pattern from the zentangle website and use that to fill in a space.

It's actually a lot of fun!

Hi, I'm a beginner. But I'd like try.

If  I wanna start my little journal where I found addresses?

We made journals and sent them out, but someone kept them or something. They never made the complete rounds. It only works if we all work it.
Please add me to the list! I have sent you a post card Praire Kitten




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