At the time of writing (11 September) I have got 4 pieces of 12 inch Vinyl Art (well one is only 10 inches, but let's not worry about that) that I can put into the Exhibition.

1. This is from Maria Jose Silva-Mize, and was the winning entrant in our earlier 'First International Vinyl Art Awards':

2. This is from Lynne Gurney. It's called 'Waltzing Cats' and also won an award:

3. The third of our earlier award winners is from Erni, a double-sided piece of Vinyl Art:

And, on the other side:

Unfortunately -- and here we get into the 'Exhibition Powers of the DJ' (me!), only one side of Erni's Vinyl can be exhibited. It will NOT be the side with the bar of chocolate on. And, in all fairness, I must inform you that not only does the DJ intend to remove the bar of chocolate from the Vinyl before he hangs it, but he also intends to eat it (the chocolate, not the Vinyl). Thanks, Erni!

4. The next one is the first one I have received to date following my announcement of the Exhibition. It comes from Junanne peck (who I hope will accept my invitation to join the Group). Here it is:

Thanks Junanne.

Thanks everyone.

I know that Amy & Katerina are going to send some Vinyl for the Exhibtion. I will post photos of them when they arrive.

Meanwhile, keep it comin', Gang

Thank you, Val

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Two more received from Katerina.

This one is called 'Blue Clouds':

And this one is called, 'Blue Music':


That makes 6 Vinyls received so far.

Yay! Happy to see that they arrived ok, Val!

You should have a very successful vinyl exhibit! 

Keep smiling :-)

FOUR more from Katerina§

(Plus a Birthday Card, too)

THANK YOU Katerina.

This one is called "Rosebud":

And this one is called "Blue Symphony":

The third one doesn't seem to have a title, but here it is:

And finally, we have "Just Blue, Just White":

At 22 November, I know have 15 pieces from y'all.

Here are the latest four, all from Turkey.

This one is from Meral Agar, entitled, 'Purple World';

A second one from Meral called 'Stereo & Regular':

Number three is from Hilal Tursolu, and is called 'Do women have to be naked to get into the Met Museum?';

And the last one is from Oznar Kepçe, and is called 'Forest':

Thank you, Turkish friends! Türk arkadaşlar teşekkür ederiz!

Fabulous collection!

Is your spring vinyl art exhibition full up?  --Linda

No Linda, it's not yet full, so anything and everything you contribute to it (12"/33rpm only) will be included in the exhibition.

Twr more received.

This one is from April Rocco

And this from Edna Taffoli:

THANK YOU, ladies! Thank you very much.

Keep'em coming...I know have 16 from y'all for the Exhibition


Two 'Skulls' from PA Leigh, and 'Song Loves' from Ella Battistella.

Thankyou! Grazie!

I now have 19 IUOMA ones to add to my own 70-odd.

Keep'em comin, folks!

Five kilo (10lbs) package on the way this morning.  Open carefully.  Live animals enclosed!  Well anyway they were when I sent the package.  They might be stuffed upon arrival.

Now off to the UK for a well earned break.




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