I've begun to send a few zombie-related texts into the wilds of the postal system.


If you get attacked, this is a place where you can discuss your findings with the other infected!


Read and Pass Rules: If you get a book, read as much or as little as you like, writing or drawing (or whatever you feel like doing) in the margins, highlighting/underlining the text, etc.! Once you are finished, pass it along to someone who has not received the book yet. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN YOUR NAME IN THE BACK COVER!!!


First five books are going to these folks:


Roberto, Guido, Farmageddon, KDJ, and Nadine Wendell-Mojica!


I am hoping that sending out some literature will help fuel both discussion and inspiration for the future of this project! I am also planning to get my hands on a few DVDs to circulate around North America (where NTSC reigns) and begin a Video Watch and Pass. If anyone in Europe or elsewhere would like to take this up there, using the different format, feel free to start up a Watch and Pass there! ;-D

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Hey SuperHero...not having any luck with takers on "Breathers"...do you have anyone that has expressed interest?


Amy...a Breather....


Sent the book "Breathers" out to Karin Greenwood, So. Africa...

Karin, should take 5 - 7 days to reach you...then it will be on to Guido Vermeulen...

Happy Day Everyone... *-*

Excel from Guido today "Zombie Survival Guide"...awesome Guido!!

here are some of the pages from Zombie Survival Guide..I'm not quite finished yet - contributors: Guido and Amy




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